Video: How Bec Listens to Podcasts

May 12, 2013

One of the reasons why Joe and I decided to start a podcast is that, for me, it is the easiest way to consume content while I’m on the go. I can pop my headphones in and listen to updates about any number of topics, all while I’m cleaning the house, hanging out the washing, exercising, in the car, or (of course), cooking with the Thermomix.

This video explains how I keep up to date on all my podcasts, using the app PodCruncher.

I run through:

  • How to subscribe to podcasts
  • How to make a playlist
  • How to check for updates
  • How to listen to podcasts faster

I had an issue a couple of months back that episodes were downloading, but not in my ‘To Listen’ playlist. Alas, a quick trip to the PodCruncher FAQ page was very helpful, and I have never had the issue again.

There are many ways to listen to podcasts – this is just one!