T4B120: Top Thermomix Tips With Sophia from Thermomix Baking Blogger

Sep 15, 2016

Are you ready for some Pro Thermomix Tips

In Episode 120, we’ve got Sophia from Thermomix Baking Blogger on the show to talk about her new book ‘Practice, Mix, Perfect’ and a bunch of pro Thermomix tips that are in it.

Thermomix Recipe Book Practice Mix Perfect

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We think Sophia has done an amazing job on this book. It has 70 recipes, guides, meal plans and Thermomix tips for everything you could possibly think of. In this episode we discuss some of Sophia’s favourite tips from the book.

We discuss how to balance frozen meals and frozen produce in a tiny freezer in a tiny London apartment.

Sunday Prep Day
We discuss how to enjoy your weekend and prepare your meals for the week ahead. Sophia has a whole section in her book about how to achieve preparation success.

Grinding Spices
Have you ever struggled with grinding small amounts of spices? This tip will give you great results using what you already have. When your spices are ready to grind (i.e. after roasting) place the internal steaming basket in place, close the lid and grind. This will effectively make the area in the bowl smaller and push the spices back down onto the blades.

Cooking with fresh herbs
Herbs bruise easily and this can lead to a bitter flavours. By putting the whole herb in the Thermomix you can blitz them using the Turbo function 3-4 times. This cuts the herbs cleanly and avoids bruising and bitterness.

Save time by pre-boiling
While you’re chopping your vegetables set your water to boil using Varoma or Steaming Temperature. This will ensure that your water is boiled by the time your veggies are ready to steam.

Use your measuring cup (MC) to the max
Cut your dough with your MC, use it to measure liquid and as a lid. The TM5 lid is perfect for an Easter egg shape too.

Getting dough off your blades.
Once you have emptied your dough out of the bowl. Put the lid back on and hit the Turbo button to fling the dough out from under the blades making it easy to get with a spatula. This will avoid you putting your hands in the bowl and cutting your fingers on the blades.

After cooking with super aromatic ingredients take a couple of handfuls of whole coffee beans and grind for about 20 seconds on speed 10. This will neutralise any remaining smells in your bowl. Give it a rinse and you’re ready to go on to the next recipe.

These tips are just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg for this book. There is so much more goodness inside. Check it out here.

Your chance to win.

Sophia has kindly offered to share one of her beautiful books full of pro Thermomix tips with one lucky listener.

To win simply check out the contents image below and leave a comment about what excites you the most in this book.

Thermomix Tips and recipes

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