Top 10 Healthy Thermomix Recipes for Watching the Footy

Jun 1, 2016

Looking for Footy Food Thermomix Recipes?

I have an admission…

I (Joe) am a footy fanatic! The State of Origin is one of the biggest events on my sporting calendar. Due to the fact the game is on a school night (and also due to the fact that we don’t own a TV!) I like to head on over to a mate’s place to watch the big game. That being said, it’s poor form to rock up empty handed… and I don’t want to be empty mouthed either. 


Footy food is fantastic, and it doesn’t have to give you a heart attack. Below is a list of Thermomix recipes perfect for the game that are a healthier option to store bought pizza and fried chicken.

Here are my Top 10 Favourite Thermomix Recipes for Footy Foods… 

1. Thin & Crispy Grain & Gluten Free Pizza Bases

gluten free thermomix pizza base

This pizza is fantastic, you won’t even believe you’re eating a healthier version of the world’s favourite footy food.

2. Crispy Potato Bites

crispy potato bites thermomix

The love child of a perfect potato chip and the perfect potato gem (tater tot). These little pillows of deliciousness are amazing. Your guests (or hosts) will love you for them.

3. Easy Mexican Beef

easy mexican beef

This spicy Mexican beef is SO easy and perfect for nachos, fajitas or potatchos.

4. Dry Rub Thermomix Chicken Wings

Dry Rub Thermomix Chicken Wings

Who needs KFC when you can make wings this good at home? This dry rub is perfect for all sorts of chicken.

5. Joe’s Jerk Chicken Wings

Joe's Jerk Chicken Wings

As per above but this chicken has a Jamaican twist. This Thermomix recipe isn’t as spicy as the traditional jerk style so it should suit all your guests.

6. Fiddle-de-dee Potatoes

Fiddle-de-dee potatoes

Potatoes, cheese, herbs… delicious! These fantastic thermomix creations can be prepared ahead of time and thrown in the oven to melt as your guests arrive.

7. Hot Maple Man Mix

Hot Maple Man Mix

This is seriously good. Have a bowl of this gear out during the game and it will be GoOoOoOne by half time. It is so delicious and one handful is never enough.

8. Easy Pub Parmy

Easy Pub Parmy

Mates coming over for a pre-game feed? This pub style parmy has got you covered. Just like the real thing only better. It’s budget friendly too.

9. Thermomix Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cakes_2

Thai fish cakes are delicious, and you don’t need to order them from your local Thai restaurant. This thermomix recipe is super easy but boy does it pack a flavour punch.

10. Spicy Thermomix Pulled Pork

thermomix pulled pork

Are you keen to level up from the standard sausage sandwich? Spicy pulled pork is always a winner and this Thermomix recipe could feed a footy team.

Whichever brand of thermo mixer you use it’s the perfect preparation companion for your footy food feast. If you want to hear more about Thermomix footy food or preparing food for a house party check out Episode 101 of The 4 Blades podcast all about Thermomix footy food.