T4B Mag 028: The Thrifty Issue

Feb 1, 2017

Time to Get Thrifty! Let’s Do More With Less

The Thrifty Issue shows you HOW to make more with less. HOW to make the most of what you already have. HOW to use less time and ingredients to make more meals. We wanted to make sure The Thrifty Issue had maximum value, which is why there are 50+ recipes in this issue!

As you are scrolling through this issue you will come across different examples of “thrifty”. You will discover recipes that are cheap and cheerful. You will discover recipes that may cost a little more, but that little extra cost delivers a big extra boost of nutrition. Recipes that make good use of your time. Recipes that make good use of what you already have.

To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

You will find 8 handy sections in this issue. The 9 sections are:

  • $1 Lunchbox Fillers
  • Use Up Your Tins!
  • One Veggie, Three Ways
  • Big Batch Dinners
  • Meat-Free Monday
  • Cheaper Cuts of Meat
  • Lovely Leftovers
  • One Meal, Two Ways

Our $1 Lunchbox Fillers are not only cheap, but tasty too! The Cheese, Bacon and Spinach Impossible Pie and No Egg Budget Cake are going to be favourites.

Being thrifty means making the most of what you already have, and we all have those tins at the back of the cupboard, waiting to be used! We have recipes to use up your tomato, tuna, corn and condensed milk tins. Easy Lemon and Tuna Spaghetti will become a new weeknight favourite, and Super Simple Passionfruit Ice Cream will round the meal off perfectly for dessert!

Make the most of the common veggies that get left in in the fridge before they go off! You will find recipes for pumpkin, carrot and cauliflower. From curry to fritters, soup to salad and side dishes to dips. We are loving the Carrot and Chive Risotto!

Big Batch Meals will help you save time AND money by making a larger portion and saving some for later. The Pulled Beef is truly delicious.

Schedule a Meat-Free Monday to reduce the cost of buying meat at least one night a week. Thermobexta has shared some amazing family friendly vegetarian meals from her books for this section, including her Vegetable Lasagne.

Cheaper Cuts of Meat can lead to delicious results! This section will give you 5 yummy meals that are healthy and family friendly. Sweet Potato Stuffed with Paleo Beef Chilli is really tasty!

Using Up Leftovers is a fabulous way to be thrifty, and we will show you how, with some common leftovers like leftover cooked pasta, vegetables, chicken and the like. Leftover Veggie Rolls are seriously yummy.

If you love being thrifty with leftovers, you will LOVE our One Meal, Two Ways section. Make the base meal, and then make the second meal. Two for one! Turn Slow Cooked Beef and Mushroom Casserole into Beef and Mushroom Pie. Delicious.

Want to see more? 

Here are the recipes featured in this month’s issue:

Asian Tuna Salad
Beef and Mushroom Pie
Beef and Veggie Patties
Budget Beef Bourguignon
Carrot and Chive Risotto
Cauliflower Chilli Pesto
Cheese, Bacon and Spinach Impossible Pie
Cheesy Stuffed Vegetables
Chunky Chicken Bolognese
Coconut Pork Curry
Corn and Spinach Fritters
Corned Beef Fritters
Corned Beef Silverside with Mustard Sauce
Creamy Chicken “Pasta”
Creamy Curried Caulisotto
Easy Lemon and Tuna Spaghetti
Easy Muesli Squares
Fresh Tomato Salsa
Ham, Cheese and Corn Mini Muffins
Indian Spiced Cauliflower Rice
Leftover Roast Chicken Stock
Leftover Veggie Rolls
Lemon and Coconut Dahl
Lemon Slice
Lunchbox Meatloaf
Mexican Chilli
Mexican Potato and Egg Bake
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Mushroom Pasta Frittata
No Egg Budget Cake
Odds and Ends Soup
Orange and Ginger Roast Chicken
Pulled Beef
Pumpkin and Pea Fritters
Pumpkin Spice Cakes
Pumpkin, Apple and Sage Soup
Pumpkin, Green Bean and Chickpea Curry
Quick and Easy Pasta Sauce
Quinoa Pizza
Roast Garlic Cauliflower Mash
Sausage and Potato Pies
Sausage Hot Pot
Slow Cooked Beef and Mushroom Casserole
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks
Spicy Carrot Hummus
Super Simple Passionfruit Ice Cream
Sweet Potato Stuffed with Paleo Beef Chilli
Tarragon Chicken Pasta
Thermobexta’s Vegetable Lasagne
Tomato, Spinach and Bacon Spaghetti
Vegetable Mornay
Vegetarian Laksa

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