Thermomix Raita Dip

Sep 27, 2016

Fresh from the Thermomix Raita Dip

We think you will love how light and refreshing this Thermomix Raita Dip is. It is not only super easy to make but versatile to boot.

It was traditionally used as a cool accompaniment to hot curries. It is also delicious as a stand alone dip with crackers or crudites. We made up a batch of the Grain Free Pizza Base and cooked them on a frying pan to create some tasty flatbreads.

This Raita was featured in The Celebrations Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine. We featured this dip in Episode 122 of the podcast: Amazing Thermomix Dips for Spring.


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  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 small side dish


Raita is traditionally used as a side dish as a cool accompaniment to curries. This version utilises the cooling characteristics of yoghurt, mint and cucumber, paired with basic traditional flavours from coriander and cumin.

We featured this dip in Episode 122 of the podcast: Amazing Thermomix Dips for Spring.

No: Gluten / Egg / Nuts
Contains: Dairy


  • cucumber – 60g, into chunks
  • fresh mint – 1 handful
  • shallot – 1, white part only, roughly chopped.
  • dried coriander – 1/4 teaspoon, ground
  • cumin – 1/4 teaspoon, ground
  • yoghurt – 120g, plain
  • salt – to season


  1. Add cucumber (60g), fresh mint (handful) and the shallot (1) to the bowl. Speed 7 / 2 seconds. Scrape down sides.
  2. Add ground coriander (1/4 tsp), ground cumin (1/4 tsp) and yoghurt (120g) to the bowl.
  3. Reverse+Speed 3 / 5 seconds. Scrape down sides.
  4. Add salt to season, and serve in a small dish as an accompaniment to curry.


Cannot be frozen

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