Thermomix Mince Recipes: Our “Five Faves” List

Oct 23, 2021

FIVE Delicious Thermomix Mince Recipes Your Family Will Love

Mince is a lower-cost way to add some protein to your family dinner. But sometimes it can get a bit same-same. If you are finding yourself stuck in a dinnertime rut, take a look through these five Thermomix mince recipes and see which recipes you can add to your menu this week.

Here are some very yummy and creative ways to use mince AND your Thermomix. These Thermomix mince recipes are loved by our online Thermomixing community, and we bet that you and your family will love them too.  Ready for the list? Let’s go…


1. Thermomix BBQ’d Aussie Rissoles

As the weather gets warmer it’s time for more BBQs! These are yummy rissoles that you can make with mince and your Thermomix. They are easy to make, and allow you to get ahead with your meal planning as well. Simply make them in a big batch and freeze them. Pull them out of the freezer on the morning that you want to cook them, and you have a healthy and delicious meal ready to roll for dinner! Winning!

2. Big Burger with Special Sauce

If you have a hankering for the golden arches but want to have something that ticks the box of being healthier (and more delicious, in our humble opinion!) try our Big Burger with Special Sauce. Like the rissoles, you can easily make the burger patties ahead of time and have them at the ready in the freezer. Get some fresh buns, whip up this delicious sauce and Ron’s your uncle!


3. Taco Meatball Wraps

Super fast. Super delicious. Very kid friendly! An absolute cracker of a Thermomix mince recipe that will serve you well as a regular on your meal plan! You can make this one as ‘homemade’ as you like… you can make your own wraps… or buy them! You can make your own taco seasoning… or buy it!


4. Lunchbox Meatloaf

The ultimate over-achiever… this recipe will give you dinner AND lunch the next day. Serve it hot for dinner with a side of steamed vegetable and salad, and then enjoy it cold the next day on sandwiches, or even as cubes in a lunchbox for a savoury finger-food option. It’s also a sneaky way to get a few more veggies in!


5. Healthy Tuscan Bunless Burgers

Not only can your Thermomix turn humble mince into these gourmet burgers… but it can also make a mean pesto! We love topping these Tuscan-inspired burgers with pesto, and then using the remaining pesto mixed through scrambled eggs the next morning for “Green Eggs and Ham”.


and a bonus… The Mother Lode of Bolognese

We couldn’t have a Thermomix mince recipes list and NOT include one of our all-time favourite mince recipes! We think this is the best Thermomix bolognese recipe going, and we aren’t afraid to say it. It uses a whole kilo of mince and SO MANY vegetables. We cook the kilo of mince in the steaming attachment (Varoma) so it doesn’t get all mushed up as it can when you cook the mince in the Thermomix bowl. If you haven’t made it before, be sure to add it to your meal plan. It makes enough for a very large family, or to eat half now and then freeze a batch for another day. The-Mother-Lode-of-Bolognese-Thermomix-Recipe

Which of these Thermomix mince recipes are you adding to your menu? Tell us in the comments below!