T4B149: Thermomix Meal Planning with Kathryn Carmont Founder of Thermohub

Jun 9, 2017

Need Help with Thermomix Meal Planning??

In Episode 149, we’ve joined by Kathryn Carmont, the founder of Thermohub, to talk Thermomix Meal Planning and making the most of your time and money when it comes to your Thermomix.  

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In this episode you will discover: 

  • Kathryn’s thermo journey, from assistant principal at a special needs school to Thermomix consultant through to founding ThermoHub.
  • Why ThermoHub was created and how it helps with Thermomix meal planning. 
  • Kathryn’s meal planning tips for busy families.
  • Ideas to get your Thermomix to pay for itself.

What is ThermoHub?

ThermoHub is all about efficiency. Using up that time you have waiting in lines, at appointments or at kid’s sports so you can reclaim the part of your weekend that you spend meal planning and writing shopping lists.

ThermoHub links you to a wide range of bloggers (including The 4 Blades), bringing you the best recipes in one centralised location. It includes a meal planner and shopping list to make life around the kitchen as easy and simple as possible.

Thermohub is offering a two week trial for only $0.99! This is a great opportunity to give it a go.

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