Need a Thermomix Gluten Free Pizza Base? This one’s a ripper!

Confession: We have actually been making this thermomix gluten free pizza base for quite a long time. We have tweaked it and tweaked it and love it dearly… but we are only sharing it with you now. Why have we been holding out? Well… we haven’t had the occasion to share! But with Episode 101 of the podcast: Thermomix Footy Food, we knew the time had come. (PS: Listen in to that episode if you need any more info on the technique we use to make the pizza.) We have, however, shared this with family and friends needing a grain free and gluten free thermomix pizza base and it has been very well received.

gluten free thermomix pizza base

To make this recipe you are best to use a pizza stone. They aren’t very expensive to purchase, and if you love pizza as much as we do you will get your money’s worth!

The recipe below is our ‘new and improved’ way of making this recipe, which we think gives an improved base. This means making the pizza base ahead of time (e.g. the night before or the morning of when you need them) and then sit the batter in the fridge all day. However, for ages we actually just threw everything in Speed 6 / 15 seconds and used it immediately. It still works great, so don’t let time deter you! 

So you may have just picked up that I said ‘batter’. Yes, this ‘dough’ to make a grain free gluten free Thermomix pizza base is actually a batter. Following the instructions in the recipe below, pour the batter onto the pizza stone and spread it out with a spatula to make a bake a base.

gluten free thermomix pizza base_2

Other things to note:

  • We have it on good authority that the Pizza Sauce in the “Make Your Own Subscriber Bonus Issue” which is available to all of our magazine subscribers is the BEST pizza sauce.
  • Remember to grate your cheese BEFORE making the batter for the pizza base.
  • We like sprinkling Italian Seasoning and dried garlic granules on top of the pizza sauce, underneath the toppings, for a bit of extra flavour.
  • This recipe makes 3 large pizza bases. It can easily be doubled, and the batter can be frozen.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

Thin & Crispy Grain Free Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Serves 3


6 + 10 =

© Copyright 2018 The 4 Blades



© Copyright 2018 The 4 Blades