Thermomix Christmas Hamper Ideas

Dec 15, 2017

Christmas is almost upon us!

We know so many of you are gearing up your Thermomix to make fabulous homemade gifts for your family and friends. We have seen so many posts on social media asking for Thermomix Christmas hamper ideas, so we wanted to make it really easy for you.

Here are some of our favourite Thermomix Christmas hamper ideas from within the issues of The 4 Blades Magazine. We have grouped them below in themes. For a ‘little bit of everything’ hamper, select one recipe from 5 or 6 sections. For a hamper on a particular theme (for example “the chocolate lover’s hamper”), pick 5 or 6 items from one section.

The themes below include:

  • Savoury Sauces and Seasonings
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Granolas & Muesli
  • Jams, Preserves and Spreads
  • Biscuits
  • Balls
  • Chocolate Favourites
  • Special Sweet Treats
  • Body and Beauty Gifts

All recipes can be found within The 4 Blades Magazine App, in the corresponding issues listed below.

If you have an Apple or Android mobile device you can easily access The 4 Blades Magazine App.

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Ready to discover great Thermomix Christmas hamper ideas? Let’s go!

For a WHOLE lot of amazing gift ideas in one place, check out The Gift Giving Issue

Savoury Sauces and Seasonings

American BBQ SauceThe Celebrations Issue
Balsamic Vinegar Reduction – The MYO Bonus Issue (available free to all subscribers)
Canned Tomato Relish – The MYO Bonus Issue (available free to all subscribers)
Chilli SaltThe Christmas Issue
Chunky Tomato SalsaThe BBQ Issue
Herb and Garlic SaltThe Christmas Issue
Olive TapenadeThe Picnic Issue
Pizza Sauce – The MYO Bonus Issue (available free to all subscribers)
Spicy Tomato ChutneyThe Classics Issue
Taco Seasoning – The MYO Bonus Issue (available free to all subscribers)

Herb and Garlic Salt Thermomix


Nuts & Seeds

Almond Cashew DukkahThe Christmas Issue
Chilli Lime Nut MixThe Festive Issue
Chocolate Cranberry DukkahThe Christmas Issue
Grain Free CrackersThe On the Road Issue
Honey Cinnamon AlmondsThe Christmas Issue
Moroccan Seed CrackersThe Easy Issue
Roasted Caramelised AlmondsThe Festive Issue
Roasted Spiced NutsThe On the Go Issue
Spicy Maple Bacon Nut MixThe BBQ Issue

Honey Cinnamon Almonds Thermomix


Granolas & Muesli

Basic Toasted Muesli MixThe Breakfast Issue
Bircher MuesliThe Festive Issue
Cranberry Macadamia GranolaThe Christmas Issue
Gluten Free Chocolate GranolaThe Easter Issue
Gluten Free Toasted MuesliThe Healthy New Year Issue
Grain Free GranolaThe Christmas Issue
Slow Cooker Gluten Free Muesli  – The Breakfast Issue

Cranberry Macadamia Granola Thermomix


Jam, Preserves and Spreads

Bacon JamThe Breakfast Issue
Cherry JamThe Tea Party Issue
Dairy Free Choc Hazelnut SpreadThe Celebrations Issue
Decadent Choc Hazelnut SpreadThe Celebrations Issue
Lime CurdThe Classics Issue
Orange MarmaladeThe Classics Issue
Roast Capsicum RelishThe Classics Issue
Salted Butter Caramel SauceThe Celebrations Issue
Strawberry Vanilla JamThe Celebrations Issue




Choc Chip CookiesThe Classics Issue
Choc Mint BiscuitsThe Christmas Issue
Double Chocolate BiscottiThe Sweets Issue
Gingerbread PeopleThe Christmas Issue
Lavender & Almond ShortbreadThe Festive Issue
Peanut Butter BiscuitsThe Easy Issue
Speckled BiscuitsThe Sweets Issue
Sugar and Spice CookiesThe Freezer Issue
Thumbprint CookiesThe Easy Issue




Apricot & White Chocolate Snow BallsThe Desserts Issue
Choc Peppermint Bliss BallsThe Christmas Issue
Ginger Snap Bliss BallsThe Easy Issue
Hazelnut BombsThe Christmas Issue
Healthy Hazelnut TrufflesThe Christmas Issue
Lemon Coconut BallsThe Desserts Issue
Lime Bliss BallsThe Sweets Issue
Raspberry Coconut Bliss BallsThe Festive Issue
Raw Carrot Bliss BallsThe Easter Issue
Rum BallsThe Christmas Issue

healthy hazelnut truffles thermomix


Chocolate Favourites

Chocolate NestsThe Easter Issue
Chocolate SalamiThe Christmas Issue
Christmas BarkThe Festive Issue
Coconut Almond BountiesThe Easter Issue
Decadent Chocolate TrufflesThe Christmas Issue
Easy Orange ThinsThe Desserts Issue
Hot Chocolate MixThe Christmas Issue
White Chocolate and Cherry FlorentinesThe Festive Issue



Special Sweet Treats

Cornish FudgeThe Easter Issue
Fruit Cake (GF)The Classics Issue
Full of Fruit Christmas CakeThe Christmas Issue
Homemade Marshmallow BitesThe Easter Issue
Honey JoysThe Party Issue
Rosemary Sea Salt CaramelsThe Easter Issue
Salted Caramel Choc Peanut Brittle SliceThe Sweets Issue



Body and Beauty Gifts

Body Massage BarsThe Festive Issue
Choc Coconut Body ScrubThe Christmas Issue
Decadent Bath MeltsThe Easter Issue
Gardener’s Hand ScrubThe Christmas Issue
Gingerbread Body ScrubThe Christmas Issue
Glistening Body OilThe Easter Issue
Lip BalmThe Festive Issue
Soothing Bath SoakThe Easter Issue
Zesty Body ScrubThe Easter Issue


So there you have it!

Pick a couple of options from each section and you are on your way!