Thermomix Chimichurri Sauce

Aug 11, 2016

Thermomix Chimichurri Sauce is a deliciously different sauce to have with your BBQ meats. This authentic South American sauce will complement your meats with a fresh and tangy sauce that we know you will love.

Thermomix Recipe for South American Chimichurri Sauce

Joe LOVES this sauce. It’s a really nice change to your usual sweet and sticky sauces that you usually get with BBQ meat. It’s also sugar free and grain free which is perfect for the Paleo diet, Gluten Free diet, LCHF and others. It was originally featured in The BBQ Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine with a recipe for Argentinian Beef.

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Argentinian Beef with Chimichurri Sauce

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: at least 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Yield: 8


Smokey and rich, this recipe for Argentinian beef makes good use of both your BBQ and your thermo mixer. Chimichurri is the name of a flavoursome green sauce from Argentina which is perfect for serving with grilled meat. Commonly beef is prepared only with a salt crust in Argentina, but we have used some of the chimichurri sauce to create a marinade which adds to the flavour of the meat. The meat is commonly served well done, but you can adjust according to your personal preference.

This recipe was also featured on the T4B blog.

Recipe Tester Feedback: “What an amazing combination of flavours! This BBQ’d beef is so moist and tender and could easily be cooked in the oven if you didn’t have access to a barbecue. Hubby loved it and asked for seconds, so I’ll definitely be cooking it again!” – Sharree

No: Gluten / Dairy / Egg / Nuts


Chimichurri sauce:

  • fresh parsley – 20g, leaves
  • garlic cloves – 4
  • fresh oregano – 4-5 stalks, leaves
  • chilli flakes – 1/2 tsp
  • red wine vinegar – 40g
  • salt flakes – 1/2 tsp
  • pepper – freshly ground, black, to taste
  • olive oil – 120g

Argentinian beef:

  • olive oil – 60g, plus more for oiling the grill
  • garlic cloves – 4
  • fresh rosemary – 1 Tbsp, leaves
  • lemon – 1, medium, juice only
  • salt flakes – 1 tsp
  • beef blade – 2kg, for roasting (can use rump or tenderloin as well), grassfed if possible
  • salt – to taste
  • pepper – freshly ground, black, to taste


  1. Add parsley (20g), garlic (4), oregano (4-5 stalks) and chilli flakes (1/2 tsp) into bowl. Speed 7 / 3 seconds.
  2. Add red wine vinegar (40g), salt (1/2 tsp) and pepper (to taste) to the bowl. Speed 7 / 3 seconds. Scrape down the sides.
  3. Sit a small bowl on the lid and set the scales to zero. Weigh out the oil (120g).
  4. Program 1 minute / Speed 6 and slowly add oil through the lid. Transfer your prepared chimichurri sauce into a small bowl (can use the one the oil was in).
  5. Without cleaning the mixer bowl, add chimichurri sauce (100g only), olive oil (60g), garlic (4), rosemary leaves (1 Tbsp), lemon juice (1), salt flakes (1 tsp) and pepper (to taste).
  6. Blitz Speed 10 / 10 seconds.
  7. Place beef in ceramic dish and pour marinade over it. Refrigerate from 2 hours to overnight, as best suits your BBQ Fiesta timeline.
  8. Fire up the BBQ to a high heat.
  9. If you have a rotisserie, put the beef roast in place and cook for 45 minutes – 1 hour over a high heat.
  10. If you don’t have a rotisserie, sear the roast for 10 minutes each side then turn the heat down to low. Roast for a further hour turning every 15 minutes. Depending on your BBQ you may need to raise the roast off the plate or grill or move away from the element to prevent it from burning the exterior.
  11. Once finished, transfer to a roasting pan and allow to rest for 10 minutes.
  12. Carve into thin slices and serve topped with chimichurri sauce and a side dish of Cucumber Avocado Salad.


Meat can be frozen after cooking

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes + marinating time
  • Cook Time: 1-2 hours

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