T4BE08 – Thermomix Lamb Ragu with leftovers

Jun 17, 2013

In Episode 8, we got creative with some leftovers in The 4 Blades Kitchen.

On Sunday night we made a beautiful lamb roast (In the oven). With our leftovers, we thought we would try an old favourite from before we had a Thermomix, a lamb ragu. The original recipe tastes completely divine, but takes 8 hours. Our conversion tasted JUST as good, but with the Thermomix it was done 45 mins!

The Facebook page Kirls Thermo Updates gave a great tip this week (which you can utilise if you have more / less leftover roast lamb!): when doubling or halving a recipe you need to add or subtract 20% of the cooking time respectively.

You can check out the lamb ragu recipe here.

During the week we received an email from Hayley who sent us in a few recipes that she was struggling with. We LOVE hearing from our listeners and this led to us asking our Facebook friends what meal disasters they have had.

One of the problems she had was with the Bolognese Sauce in the Australian Every Day Cookbook. She was finding it was too fine. Bec loves the texture of the Thermomix Bolognese whereas Joe prefers it a little thicker. To meet halfway, Bec puts cauliflower in the sauce to boost it up a bit and only ever cooks on Reverse + Speed Soft.

Joe also talked us through some options for letting steam out of the Thermomix without getting splatters everywhere. 1. Sit the rice basket on top of the Thermomix when cooking (not in it like Bec did). 2. Invert the MC so it’s sitting on an angle to catch the spits.

PS. We’re excited that our Crio Bru has arrived. Perfect to warm us up with almond milk on wintery days!