T4BE017: Thermomix Thai Fishcakes (Pancakes), Steamed Bangers & Mash, MYO LCM & Infused Olive Oil

Sep 2, 2013

In Episode 17 of The 4 Blades podcast, we finally return from our trip to Thailand.

After having such a great time we were feeling inspired to try something a little Thai style in the Thermomix. So, Bec searched through the recipe community and found these Thai style fish cakes.

Tip: Don’t worry about setting the sweet potato aside, just keep adding ingredients into the bowl.

Tip: To make things a little different (and easier) try cooking them in a sandwich press to make Thai pancakes.

Thai FishCakes Pancakes

Later in the week we decided to give the ‘Tuesday Night Bangers and Mash’ by Siobhanmumof3 a go. The GREAT thing abut this recipe is that it’s SO EASY. Sausages, potatoes and veggies can all go in together and you set and forget. We used cauliflower, broccoli and sweet potato as our vegetables.

So far, Joe has not liked any steamed meats from the Thermomix that are eaten by themselves. Anything along the lines of curry or a stew is fine, but steamed and served – he is yet to be convinced! Having said that, Bec quite liked this recipe. The style of sausages used would have a bearing on how good they are steamed. Our recommendation is pork. 35 minutes seemed a bit long for the veggies (maybe because we didn’t include corn). Next time we will try 30 minutes, and then go down from there. If anyone has any great steamed meat recipes please let us know, we’d love to try them, questions@the4blades.com.


Next up – a healthier version of Kellogg’s LCM bars called ‘Anti-LCM bars’ from the blog Naughty Naturopath Mum. This is not a Thermomix recipe but is really easy to convert. Check out our conversion here.

Finally, some tips on infusing oils. First of all, on a food safety note we all just need to be careful of botulism, as the bacteria that causes botulism thrives in no oxygen environments (like oil). So to completely avoid this, you can use dried herbs as the bacteria needs water to survive in the first place. If you are going to use real herbs, infuse smaller amounts and ensure you use it within 30 days. You can get great little oil bottles from Spotlight for $5.

Now to get the flavours out of your herbs you need to heat the oil, but not so much that the oil reaches its smoke point. The Thermomix is GREAT for this, you can just put the oil in and put it on for 2-3 min speed slow 90 degrees and then pour directly into the bottle over your herbs. These oils go particularly well with the focaccia from the Every Day Cookbook which we added to the MTR (My Thermie Rules) Cook-a-long for August – Spiced Moroccan Tomato & Lentil Soup.

Morroccan Red Lentil Soup