T4B143: Thermomix Cafe Tips with Hayley Abell from Yummy Goodness

Apr 27, 2017

Have you ever thought about opening a Thermomix Cafe?

In Episode 143, we’ve got a really interesting guest on the show. A couple of months ago it was getting to the crazy time of the month where we were coming up to our magazine launch date. Joe decided to get out of the house to get some work done and wandered into a great little coffee shop called ‘Yummy Goodness’. He went to order a coffee and while doing so noticed a line up of Thermomixes (what is the plural here? Thermomice??) and was intrigued. Turns out this beautiful little cafe is powered by Thermomix!

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Listen in as we interview the delightful Hayley Abell, the owner of the Yummy Goodness Cafe in Nundah, Brisbane. Yummy Goodness is 100% gluten free, with lots of vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw food and allergy friendly options to choose from. We have never spoken about the Thermomix being used in a commercial environment on the podcast before (let alone a Thermomix cafe!) so we really enjoyed this interview (and learned a lot!)

Hayley Abell Thermomix Cafe Yummy Goodness

In this chat Hayley talks us through…

  • Her Thermo journey. How she came to be a Thermomix owner to begin with
  • How her love of the Thermomix lead to opening Yummy Goodness
  • A typical day at Yummy Goodness including; how the Thermies are put to use for food prep, what the most popular items are in store, where the Thermomix fits into the commercial workflow of a cafe.
  • Great prep tips you can learn from this Thermomix cafe but implement at home.

Hayley was also kind enough to share one of her go-to desserts for when she’s at home.

Check out the Chocolate Banana Vegan Nice Cream.

Thermomix cafe dessert

We made this and it is so quick and easy. It’s a really great option for a quick, healthy sweet fix.

If you live in Brisbane or are visiting we highly recommend popping in to say hi to the team at Yummy Goodness to check out all their Thermolicious goodness (The coffee is pretty great too!).

Here’s where you can find them online:

Yummy Goodness Website



Do you have a local Thermomix cafe? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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