T4B142: Speedy Green Healthy Soup Recipes

Apr 21, 2017

Chilly? Try These Green Healthy Soup Recipes in your Thermomix

In Episode 142, we share three delicious Healthy Green Soup Thermomix recipes. Here in Australia the weather is starting to turn chilly and wintery. The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler. So we thought what better time then now to explore some Speedy Green Soups, which are such great option when you are looking for healthy soup recipes that you can make in your Thermomix. 

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We’ve all heard of green smoothies but sometimes when the weather is a bit cooler, smoothies may not be the order of the day. Check out these 3 deliciously healthy green soup recipes.

Recipe 1 – Broccoli and Potato Soup from The Annoyed Thyroid

Healthy Thermomix Soup RecipeThis soup was so easy and so delicious. We made it even faster by using new (washed) potatoes and leaving them un-peeled. This is very much a ‘throw it in, cook and whiz up’ recipe. We tried it with and without dairy which resulted in quite different tasting but equally delicious soups.

Recipe 2 – Zucchini, Mint and Feta Soup from Well Nourished

Healthy Thermomix Green Soup Recipe

After the hearty and carb heavy potato based soup above, we were looking for something lighter and lower carb. This soup was perfect! It was really light, fresh and so tasty. It took about 10 minutes in total which is such a win. This recipe has also been featured in The Healthy Eating Issue. 

Recipe 3 – Green Power Soup – Food Four Thought

Thermomix Soup Recipe

Now this soup is a must if you’re looking to smash some super healthy greens. It is PACKED full of kale, yet doesn’t have a really heavy kale flavour as you may expect. The technique of chopping the kale before putting it in the bowl really helped to control the usual characteristic bitterness of kale heavy dishes.

It was quite a thick soup so it works great as a pasta sauce as well (like a basil pesto). However, if you like a thinner consistency just add some extra water. This one was a winner!

Do you have any go to green soups? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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