T4B141: Thermomix Breakfast Blitz Up

Apr 13, 2017

Need Some Quick Thermomix Breakfast Ideas? 

In Episode 141, we’re looking at Thermomix breakfast ideas… But not just any Thermomix breakfast ideas. We’re doing a super fast Thermomix Breakfast blitz up!

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The challenge for this week was to make super tasty, super healthy breakfasts that could be whizzed up in no time. Here’s what we came up with:

Recipe 1 – Apple Berry Choc Crunch

Choc Berry Thermomix Breakfast

A rediscovered favourite. This recipe first appeared in The Breakfast Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine and we dug it up to give it a go for the podcast. Boy, oh boy were we glad we did! We did some experimenting with this recipe this time around as well. The original recipe from the mag uses coconut milk, whereas we gave it a go with yoghurt and also without either. All of which worked an absolute treat! So choose your own adventure with this one, it’s a ripper.

choc berry yoghurt Thermomix breakfast

Recipe 2 – Super Speedy Chocolate Breakfast Shake from Alexx Stuart

Thermomix up and go

Bec’s chiropractor has been recommending raw eggs for ages and this recipe finally gave her the impetus to try it. After trying it Bec felt GREAT! This recipe is such a good, healthy alternative to some of the store bought breakfast drinks out there. It’s not like drinking a chocolate milkshake but it is quite like some of the breakfast drinks out there. We suggest adjusting the amount of sweetener as required. We used 1 tsp xylitol for the sweetener and we also used yoghurt instead of coconut cream. 

Recipe 3 – Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Thermomix breakfast sweet potato hash

Not to be confused with hash browns, this hash is a great accompaniment to your eggs for breakfast. This makes a LOT so we recommend making it all up and then keeping it in the fridge to use during the week. How’s that! A full hot breakfast almost as easy as a bowl of cereal!

This one is a really great one to listen to the podcast for. Bec really explains the method as it’s a bit different.

Do you have any fave quick Thermomix breakfast options? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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