T4B139: Going Primal with Helen Marshall

Mar 30, 2017

Going Primal to Improve Health

In Episode 139, we invited Helen Marshall from Primal Alternative to share her health journey of going primal with you all, and the role her Thermomix plays in both her health and her business! 

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In her late 30s, Helen Marshall had a health crisis. She had digestive, hormonal and sleep problems. She always had nausea. It felt like a really awful combination of morning sickness and a hangover. She had always been interested in her health and conscious of her weight, and was sure to follow all the low-fat advice that was readily available. 

Throughout our chat in this episode of the podcast, we heard about:

  • how ‘going Primal’ turned Helen’s health around
  • what ‘Primal’ means and how it differs from Paleo
  • Helen’s delicious Thermomix Paleo Hot Cross Bun recipe, which she shared with you all
  • how Helen is helping more people to improve their health with her Primal Alternative products
  • how Helen is helping primal women (her ‘primalistas‘) help others while growing an at-home business

Be sure to check out Helen’s yummy Paleo Hot Cross Buns recipe!


Have you ‘gone primal’? Had some of the same symptoms that Helen did? We would love to hear your story! Leave us a note in the comments below.

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