T4B138: Low FODMAPs Thermomix Dinner Recipes

Mar 23, 2017

Looking for some delicious low FODMAPs Thermomix Dinner recipes?

In Episode 138, we explore the wonderful world of low FODMAPs Thermomix cooking. We know that a lot of our community members follow a low FODMAP way of eating to help with digestive function, so this week we really get into the guts of the issue (get it?!) In this episode we share three delicious Thermomix recipes that are low in FODMAPs and big in flavour. Boy oh boy, there there were some big words to tackle in the intro for this podcast. Leave us a note in the comments to guess just how many takes it took Joe to get it right.

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The challenge for this week was to make delicious meals that were suitable for those following the low FODMAPs protocol but are also delicious for anyone looking for a healthy dinner. Here’s what we came up with:

Recipe 1 – Low FODMAPs Thermomix Chicken, Mustard & Rice Bake

Low FODMAPs Thermomix Chicken recipe

If you are looking for a big low FODMAPs meal that will feed the whole family then look no further! This is a hearty, full of flavour, cheap and easy bake that you will love.

Recipe 2 – Low FODMAPs Bolognese

Low FODMAP bolognese Thermomix recipe

When we decided to do a podcast on low FODMAPs we said “we have to tackle the bolognese”. Bolognese is traditionally FULL of high FODMAP flavours and it’s something that we hear that people miss when they adopt the low FODMAPs protocol. So, we looked at our Mother Lode of Bolognese recipe and adapted. It’s a ripper!  

Recipe 3 – Quick Low FODMAPs Marinade for Salmon

Low FODMAPs Thermomix Salmon Marinade

Finally, we wanted something quick and easy. This marinade can be whipped up in no time and there’s no need for long marinating times.

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