T4B126: Healthy Thermomix Snacks – Energy Bars

Oct 28, 2016

Want to make your own healthy Thermomix snacks?

In Episode 126, we’re exploring the world of energy bars as a great option for some healthy Thermomix snacks. You can pack these snack bars for a quick breakfast or lunch plus some LCHF dessert bars that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

We start with a little bit of our travel history and how this style of snack bars has saved us in areas of the world where we were uncertain of the food or we just needed to be sure that we had a good supply healthy food at the ready (e.g. when Bec was in the early days of pregnancy!) 

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Great news! We have 3 new recipes for healthy Thermomix snacks on the blog this week! We talked through each of them in this week’s podcast. Here they are:

Recipe 1 – Low Carb Breakfast Bars

low carb bars healthy thermomix snacks recipe

We don’t know how else to explain these but to say they are deliciously breakfast-y. They’ve got a peanut butter base which will give you the fat you need to feel full plus some xylitol, nuts and linseeds for fibre and taste. Finally there are some eggs to give you a little protein as well. We just loved these and they’ve been perfect to wrap up and throw in our backpack as we go on our adventures.

In the podcast we talk about our favourite peanut butter which we used in this recipe. Bec thought the peanut butter was from New Zealand and Joe thought it was from Kingaroy in Australia.

THE VERDICT: The peanut butter is called ‘Pic’s Peanut Butter’. Firstly, it’s delicious. Secondly it is made from Aussie’s legendary Kingaroy nuts and lovingly squashed in Nelson, NZ… So we were both right!

Recipe 2 – Baked Carrot Cake Bars

Carrot Cake Energy Bars Healthy Thermomix Snacks

Joe spent ages trying to replicate the Carrot Cake Lara Bar and just couldn’t do it. All of his attempts were coming out tasting great but… they just would not hold together. So while he was trying yet another variation, he threw this mixture into the oven to see what would happen. Low and behold they were great!

These are dense and packed full of energy from the dates, raisins and pineapple. There’s some great texture with the shredded almond and chunky walnuts too. They taste like a concentrated carrot cake and one of these bars will keep you going all through the afternoon.

Recipe 3 – Lemon Cheesecake LCHF Bars

Thermomix Fat Bomb Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Inspired from our recent podcast with the wonderful women from Thermofoodie and The Chef, Joe wanted to try his hand at a ‘fat bomb’. These Lemon Cheesecake LCHF bars are adapted from the recipe over at simplytaralynn.com. They are super easy and delicious. These make for a sure fire winner as an LCHF dessert, sweet treat or for some very special healthy thermomix snacks.

What are your snack bars of choice (protein, breakfast, energy or other healthy Thermomix snacks)? Leave us a note in the comments below and tell us what you would most like to make!

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