T4B125: Thermomix Laksa Experience

Oct 20, 2016

Have You Tried Thermomix Laksa Before?

In Episode 125, we’ve been swept up in Laksa fever. We arrived in Singapore a little over a week ago. We’re staying with our sister and brother-in-law and we were lucky enough to spend some time with friends of theirs who were holidaying from New Zealand – Dennis, Tania and Finn. Dennis is a self-confessed ‘Laksa Fiend’ so Joe found himself getting quite enthusiastic about Laksa too. Numerous exploration sessions for Laksa were the result and in this week’s podcast we’ve captured one of the outings, a new Thermomix Laksa recipe and some expert opinions from the Laksa fiend himself.


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In this episode we asked Dennis:

Why Laksa?

With so many dishes to choose from, why is Laksa so special? Laksa is such an Ancient dish, it’s a fusion of Malaysian and Chinese cultures. For this reason, there are lots of regional nuances. From spiciness to nuttiness to noodle variations and complete flavour profile variations. It makes for an interesting insight into the culture that made the dish and the region you are in.

Where in the world have you tried Laksa?

Dennis is a well travelled man and has tried Laksa all across the world. From New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore. He even tried to get a Laksa in Afghanistan and Pakistan (alas, to no avail).

What makes for a good Laksa?

Laksa is really down to personal tastes because of the vast regional variations. That being said the quality of the noodles, the quality of the vegetables, the freshness and variety of the seafood (if applicable) are all really important elements.

Has he made his own?

Yes. Yet it didn’t turn out as he hoped…

So… We had a crack.

Chicken & Prawn Thermomix Laksa

Thermomix Laksa Recipe

Once we were in Laksa mode, we tried a couple of recipes that we found online first but they just weren’t hitting the mark. So we ended up doing some testing and finally came up with this Laksa recipe. ‘Dennis the Laksa Fiend’ gave it a big thumbs up and so did everyone else in the house who tried it.

This recipe is cost effective and delicious.

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