T4B123: Getting Started With LCHF Thermomix Recipes

Oct 10, 2016

Looking for LCHF Thermomix recipes?

Or maybe you are just wondering, “What is LCHF?” In Episode 123, we’ve got the super talented Thermo-Foodie and The Chef to discuss LCHF Thermomix recipes, their LCHF journey and their first book in a four Thermomix book series on Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) ‘Getting Started’.

So who is the Thermo-Foodie and who is the Chef? Daniela is the foodie and Michelle is the chef. They are both mums and former Thermomix consultants. They’re passionate about helping people adopt an LCHF lifestyle.

Thermo foodie and the chef

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So what is LCHF?

Standing for “Low Carb Healthy Fat”, Thermo-Foodie and the Chef’s recipes follow an LCHF way of eating. As we discuss in the podcast, this way of eating aligns with the Real Meal Revolution/Banting lifestyle using information & scientific research sourced by Professor Noakes and his Real Meal Revolution team.

Getting Started

The LCHF philosophy is gaining huge popularity. Seeing a high demand for a specific LCHF Thermomix recipes, the girls created ‘Getting Started’. It is the first in a series of four books Thermo-Foodie and the Chef will be releasing.

In this podcast we ask the girls for their top tips around getting started and making LCHF simple.

Their recipes include breakfast dishes like almond pancakes, spiced nutty granola, and cinnamon, berry porridge; nutritionally-packed mains include super dough pizzas, macadamia satay chicken with cauliflower rice, and lasagne with a creamy, psyllium husk pasta-layer substitute. Indulgent desserts include a decadent cacao-rich celebration mousse cake and after-dinner mint slice.


A recipe to get you started…

We asked Michelle and Daniela about their favourite recipe from their book and they both came up with… Butter Chicken! They have kindly shared this recipe with you on their blog.

Check out their recipe here.

lchf butter chicken

If you want to know more about adapting to an LCHF diet with the help of your Thermomix, connect with Thermo-Foodie and The Chef in the following places:

LCHF Thermo Foodies FB Group
Thermo-Foodie and The Chef website

Want a chance to win a copy? Check out the contents of this awesome book, leave us a note in the comments below (before midnight, Sunday October 30 2016) and tell us what you would most like to make!

CONGRATULATIONS to Carole Moore who has won this competition.

You can grab your very own copy of this fabulous book over at Thermo-Foodie and Chef’s website.

LCHF Thermomix Recipe List

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