T4B122: Amazing Thermomix Dips for Spring

Sep 29, 2016

Three Thermomix Dips to help you ditch the store-bought stuff.

Spring brings fresh flavours and marks the start of the social season. In Episode 122, we share three delicious Thermomix dips that are easy and delicious. You will be the prized guest when you attend packing one (or more) of these Thermomix dips. The three Thermomix dips we have chosen are varieties that you may purchase from the shops pre-mixer. We want to show you how easy it is to create the same (or better!) results with your Thermomix.

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Recipe 1 Capsicum, Sun dried Tomato & Cashew Thermomix Dip (from Bake Play Smile)

Sun dried tomato dip in the thermomix

This is an absolute supermarket favourite and so simple to throw together in your Thermomix. We subbed out the cashews for almonds and it worked brilliantly. One other tip that we didn’t mention in the show is that we used the olive oil from the jar of sun dried tomatoes. This is a ‘waste not want not’ tip plus has the added benefit of pumping up the flavours of sun dried tomato in your dip. This dip is also great as a pasta or pizza sauce.

We froze all the dips to see what would happen. When this dip defrosted it was ok but not great. It would be absolutely perfect if you were using it as a pizza or pasta sauce.

Recipe 2French Onion Dip (from Steph Berg)

Thermomix French Onion Dip Recipe

Wow! This dip is just like a really good store bought one. Using real onions, butter and cheese you can make up a truly impressive dip without any of the nasty numbers. We subbed out the cream cheese for goat’s cheese and it worked a treat. This is a beautiful dip and it would be great as an alternative to butter on sandwiches. We think it would make the perfect spread for cucumber sandwiches at your next tea party.

When we froze and defrosted this dip it was great! This makes quite a lot so you could easily portion it and keep it in the freezer ready to entertain another day.

Recipe 3Raita from The Celebrations Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine

raita thermomix recipe

This dip is full of refreshing flavours. It first appeared in The Celebrations Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine. Originally this was made as a side dish to serve with curries, however this Raita stands strong as a dip all on it’s own. We made up some of the Grain Free Pizza Dough base and cooked it on a frying pan to create some flat breads to have with the dip. It was amazing. This would also go really well with any kind of lamb or meat.

This dip did not freeze well. We would recommend eating this fresh within 3 days.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

  • When using sun dried tomatoes or roasted capsicum from a jar, use the oil in the jar to boost the flavour.
  • Try using dips as pizza or pasta sauces. If that doesn’t suit, maybe a sandwich filling.
  • Freezing dips can be a great option for organisation. Be wary of the dips you choose to freeze though.

What’s your favourite Thermomix Dip? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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