The Best Thermomix Scones – Our Top Recipe Picks

Aug 2, 2021

Looking for the Best Thermomix Scones? We’ve Got The Perfect Recipe to Suit You

Back in Episode 114 of The 4 Blades Podcast, we shared three of the best Thermomix scones recipes on the web. We were VERY popular amongst friends and family the day we made these to taste test them all!

Since recording that episode, we have added some more recipes of our own that we think you will love. Scroll down to discover the perfect recipe to suit your taste. We even have some incredible ideas for variations at the bottom!

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Tips for Making the Perfect Thermomix Scones

Here is what we learned about baking the best Thermomix scones …

  • Sticky dough is good for scones.
  • Use a floured baking sheet rather than a floured bench to contain the mess.
  • We use a floured cookie cutter rather than the measuring cap that comes with your Thermomix that many people suggest using. We find that the shape isn’t quite right when we use the measuring cap as the air has nowhere to go and deforms the shape of the scone.
  • Bake your scones closer together and/or in a deeper dish for a softer scone.

In the podcast we also give you a brief history of scones which we hope will get you pumped up and ready to try one of these brilliant recipes yourself!

Category 1: Traditional Scones

Traditional Thermomix Scones Using Soda Water (From The 4 Blades – The Tea Party Collection)

Traditional Thermomix Scones

While lemonade scones have been a hit for years, this scones recipe has a slight tweak. It uses soda water and adds sugar separately to reduce the amount of overall sugar.

These were featured in The Tea Party Collection because really – what tea party is complete without scones???

Classic Thermomix Buttermilk Scones (AKA “Best Ever Scones in the Thermomix” from Retro Mummy)

best Thermomix scones recipes

If you’re after your classic scone then this recipe is for you. Corrie from Retro Mummy has actually converted this to a Thermomix scones recipe from the 1972 Country Womens Association’s WINNING scone recipe! So you know it’s going to be good!

These scones were loved by all, we followed the recipe to a tee, the only difference for us is that we had to bake them for 17 minutes before they were done. Each oven will vary though. Delicious!

Category 2: Thermomix Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin Scones from Thermolicious

Best Pumpkin Scone Recipe Thermomix

Pumpkin scones were a real treat when we were growing up. We LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin scones! What we particularly love about Thermolicious’ recipe is that she incorporates making the pumpkin puree into the recipe method rather than just saying ‘add the pumpkin puree’. That’s the benefit of having a Thermomix, right?

This recipe was so easy and the result was AMAZING! These vibrant orange Thermomix pumpkin scones were even better than we remember getting from the shops when we were kids.

As suggested in the recipe we baked these in a cake tin close together so that they joined together. Due to the deeper tray in the cake tin (as opposed to a cookie tray) and the fact that they joined together, the result was a beautifully soft scone that you could pull apart to serve. They looked SO GOOD!

Glazed Thermomix Pumpkin Scones from The 4 Blades

Thermomix Pumpkin Scones

These delightfully sweet scones are little rounds of perfection. Our recipe tester Claire said, “”My boys gobbled up these scones as a nutritious ‘after dinner treat’. Such a simple scone to make with such delicious results.”.

Category 3 – Special Diet Thermomix Scones (Grain Free and Gluten Free!)

Grain Free Thermomix Pumpkin Scones from The 4 Blades

Thermomix Pumpkin Scone Recipe Grain Free

Now if you are a pumpkin scone aficionado then these may not tick all of the boxes for you, however if you are looking for a delicious grain free option these Thermomix pumpkin scones will definitely scratch your itch.

They are delicious as a sweet bread either way, everyone who tasted them said that they were delicious. They are perfect served warm with some butter.

Gluten Free Traditional Thermomix Scones From The 4 Blades – The Tea Party Collection

Gluten Free Thermomix Scones

If you are gluten free, you shouldn’t miss out! We find that when it comes to scones, it’s not just as simple as substituting gluten free flour. It’s also important to tweak the other quantities for a great end result. We have taken the guesswork out for you so that you can simply enjoy a yummy scone! Our recipe tester Heather even said, “A perfectly light and delicious scone… better than its gluten sister!”

You can find these Gluten Free Thermomix Scones in The Tea Party Collection because your tea party shouldn’t be without scones just because you are gluten free!

Varieties of Thermomix scones

We have so many varieties of scones within our Collections! Which of these take your fancy?