T4B113: Quick Thermomix Dinners

Jul 28, 2016

What’s For Dinner? Quick Thermomix Dinners to Inspire.

In Episode 113, we’re joined by some of our ‘go-to’ thermo mixers on what their ‘go-to’ quick Thermomix dinners are. ‘Quick’ is the word of the moment in the world of The 4 Blades right now, as we’re sure you have heard the second instalment of #30mix will be coming to you for free next month. If you haven’t signed up already, what are you waiting for?? It’s free and it’s a super fun way of making.

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In our search for some of the best quick dinner inspiration for you we turned to Nikalene from Skinnymixers, Tenina from Cooking with Tenina, Sophia from Thermomix Baking Blogger and Alyce from Alyce Alexandra Cookbooks. Make sure you listen all the way to the end as Alyce has given us a great giveaway for you.

Here’s what our expert guests had to say:

Nikalene from SkinnymixersNikalene from Skinnymixers:

Nik has shared with us her latest recipe from her blog, Creamy Mustard Sauce. This is a stellar idea to get that restaurant feel in under 30 minutes. This super delicious sauce tastes like you’re having something really naughty but it’s a low carb, healthy fat recipe so it’s not naughty at all! The sauce itself takes just 7 minutes and you can cook up some chicken, steak or salmon once that’s done, whip up a salad and you’re set for a delicious meal in way under 30 minutes.

Nikalene has been super busy putting together her brand new book ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’ which will be coming out in August. We can’t wait!

Stay up-to-date with everything Skinnymixers by checking out Nikalene’s blog or joining the super Facebook group.

Links mentioned:

Skinnymixer’s Creamy Mustard Sauce

Skinnymixer’s Whole Grain Mustard Recipe

Skinnymixer Books

tenina from cooking with teninaTenina from Cooking With Tenina:

Tenina has shared two of her ‘go-to’ quick Thermomix dinners, both of which are Thai inspired. First up we’ve got the Thai Chicken Basil with Chilli and secondly we have the Beef Basil. We LOVE how Tenina uses the term ‘Fake Away’ and with these recipes it’s almost (if not definitely) easier to whack these on in the Thermomix rather than heading out to a take away shop.

These recipes both have only 4 steps and take less than 15 minutes (plus marinating time for the beef). As these are so quick and easy, you can put both of them together, boil some rice and you’ve got yourself a Thai take away meal that you will be able to fool your friends into thinking is the real deal.

We covered the Beef Basil in a recent episode of the podcast – Episode 103: Basil Recipes.

Tenina has been super busy with her Insider’s Club which is packed full of recipes, videos and resources that is growing bigger and bigger all the time. Check it out over at tenina.com.

Links mentioned:

Thai Chicken Basil with Chilli Recipe

Beef Basil Recipe

Tenina’s Insider’s Club

Episode 103 – Thermomix Recipes to use up Basil

Thermomix Baking Blogger SophiaSophia from Thermomix Baking Blogger:

Sophia has shared with us a recipe that will be coming out in her new book due late August. Jerk Chicken.

If you haven’t tried any Caribbean style food before Jerk Chicken is a great place to start. We cannot wait to get our hands on this full meal with coconut rice and black beans. While you’re waiting for that though you can check out Sophia’s current book ‘Home Baked’ which is beautiful and packed with classic and modern baking recipes for your Thermomix.

If you just cannot wait for some Jerk Chicken, we released a Jerk chicken wings recipe on the blog which you can try.

Links mentioned:

Thermomix Baking Blogger

Home Baked

The 4 Blades Jerk Chicken Wings

Alyce AlexandraAlyce from Alyce Alexandra Cookbooks:

Bone broth is just one of those things that is so good for you but sometimes you just can’t find a way to use it all up. Alyce has shared this super quick, super impressive Curry Rice recipe that you can use up all that bone broth in the freezer. What we LOVE about this recipe is that it super charges rice and it uses a whole bunch of things that you just have in your pantry and freezer. Check out the video of Alyce making the dish so you can see just how easy it is:


Great News!!

Alyce has generously offered to give away one of her amazing books ‘Quick Dinners’. So if you liked this podcast you will LOVE Alyce’s Quick Dinners book. To find out how to win this book sign up to #30mix and we’ll release details on how to win there.

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Alyce is also an amazing contributor to The 4 Blades Magazine. In the coming weeks she’ll be running a giveaway for all 11 magazines that she’s contributed too. Make sure you sign up to her newsletter to hear about the upcoming competition.

Links mentioned:

Curry Rice

Bone Broth Recipe

Alyce Alexandra Cooking in the Thermomix Youtube channel

Alyce’s cookbooks

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What’s YOUR ‘Go-To’ Quick Dinner? We’d LOVE to hear about them!

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