T4B104: Thermomix ANZAC Recipes

Apr 21, 2016

Looking for Thermomix ANZAC Recipes?

Here are three Thermomix ANZAC recipes that we think you are going to love. A biscuit, a bliss ball (which you can bake!) and a slice. We also show you where you can find more Thermomix ANZAC recipes!

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Recipe 1ANZAC Biscuits With Whatever You Have (from Retro Mummy)

Thermomix ANZAC Biscuits

These were our kind of biscuits! Retro Mummy gave lots of options to use ‘Whatever You Have’, as the name suggests, making them very family and budget friendly! Funnily enough, we had everything for this recipe (for a change!) They turned out SO very well. Easy to make and very well received by the younger members of our family. Good for lunchboxes as they are made without nuts. They did expand a bit whilst cooking and ran into each other a bit. To remedy this we simply separated them while still warm so as not to snap them. They are a good middle ground for those who like chewy AND those who like crunchy ANZAC biscuits.

Recipe 2ANZAC Biscuit Bliss Balls (from Wholefood Simply)

ANZAC Bliss Balls Thermomix

This is a yummy recipe that you can use for any food processor, which we converted to Thermomix instructions. Simply add 75g coconut, 140g cashews, 1 Tbsp cashew butter (20g) and maple syrup (75g) into the bowl. Combine Speed 10 / 30 seconds. It’s that simple! We didn’t have cashew butter, so we used peanut butter. Bec thought that the recipe may need a little more oil (due to the need for cashew butter), so she went for the store-bought (oiler) peanut butter, as opposed to the homemade peanut butter. It definitely didn’t need the extra oil, so next time (and they were very popular, so there will be a next time!) we will either omit the peanut butter, or use homemade. These use quite different ingredients to a standard bliss ball, so they didn’t taste particularly “ANZAC-y” as a bliss ball, but they were a big hit with everyone who tried them. We used the rolling technique featured in the tips below.

Grainfree ANZAC Biscuits Thermomix
Bianca from Wholefood Simply had the great idea to bake these bliss balls to turn them into biscuits! We pressed them with the back of a spoon before baking, but you don’t need to. They were very well received and those that tried the raw and baked versions preferred the baked versions (even those that LOVED the bliss balls!) Check out the baked version here.

Recipe 3ANZAC Slice (from Cooking in the Chaos)

Thermomix ANZAC Slice

This slice was featured in The On the Go Issue of the magazine, and we have seen it pop up a number of times in The 4 Blades Magazine Facebook group – it’s been very popular. Karen from Cooking in the Chaos mentions that it is quite a sweet recipe. Seeing as though we knew it worked well as-is, we thought we would give it a go with less sugar and golden syrup… all good! We reduced both the golden syrup and sugar by half. We should say right up that Joe went a bit OFF script by throwing ALL the ingredients in and combining 5 minutes / 100C / Speed 1, and then finishing it off Reverse+Speed 2 / 10 seconds… what??? Well, the great news is it worked fine. When it was warm it was a bit crumbly, but once cool it was fine. We didn’t have a slice tin, so we made a thicker version in a loaf pan.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

  • If your biscuits expand when cooking and the edges touch, simply leave the to cool for a few minutes and then separate them with the edge of an egg flip. By doing this while they are still warm (but not directly out of the oven) they won’t snap.
  • Rolling bliss balls? Using a spoon, divide the mixture into dollops, wet your hands and roll the balls all at once. It’s a must faster and efficient way than spooning and rolling each ball individually.
  • Looking for more Thermomix ANZAC Recipes? Peta from The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer is releasing some AMAZING recipes this week, for ANZAC Day. Go and check them out! This ANZAC Caramel Macadamia Slice looks to die for!
  • Check out Episode 44 and Episode 70 of the podcast for more yummy Thermomix ANZAC Recipes.

What is one of your favourite Thermomix ANZAC recipes? Leave us a note in the comments below! 

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