T4B097: Egg Free Thermomix Recipes using Aquafaba

Mar 3, 2016

You won’t believe these egg free Thermomix recipes…

Have you heard of aquafaba? Chances are you’ve tipped it down the sink at one point or another… it’s the liquid in cans of chickpeas! It has been discovered to be a great replacement for egg whites. In Episode 97 of the podcast, we get experimenting with aquafaba to show you what awesome egg free Thermomix recipes you can make with it!

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Experiment 1Vegan Egg Free Mayonnaise (from The 4 Blades)

Aquafaba Egg Free Mayonnaise Thermomix

Our first aquafaba experiment for egg free Thermomix recipes was to make an egg free mayonnaise in the Thermomix. Wow. This is so quick and easy, you actually won’t believe it. The taste and consistency of the mayonnaise was just like standard mayonnaise. If you gave it to a friend without telling them, they would have no idea that it was actually egg free mayonnaise. It went well with coleslaw, however we did notice that it was a little more watery on the coleslaw after about 24 hours, in comparison with standard mayonnaise. This is such a great option for those on restricted diets due to an egg allergy or pregnancy.

Experiment 2Egg Free Chocolate Mousse with only Two Ingredients (from The 4 Blades)

thermomix chocolate mousse

Egg free chocolate mousse sounds like something that will be thick and dense… more like a pudding. Alas, this egg free chocolate mousse is light and aerated, as you can see in the pic. We found that the aquafaba was actually EASIER to work with than eggs, and gave a much lighter result. Now, we are not going to lie. We were worried about how this would taste. I mean, it’s not like the liquid that comes out of a can of chick peas looks or smells very good… how could it possibly taste good? Well, let us assure you that after you leave this egg free chocolate mousse to set in the fridge overnight, all you can taste is the chocolate.

Experiment 3 – Vegan Meringues


We think that this experiment didn’t have a good result due to our super-hot oven. Here are the steps that we followed:

  • Ground raw sugar (140g) Speed 9 / 5 seconds. Set aside.
  • Added butterfly to the bowl.
  • Added aquafaba (160g), vanilla (1/2 tsp) and cream of tartar (1/4 tsp). Program 10 minutes / Speed 4.
  • Slowly add spoonfuls of the sugar to the bowl through the lid.

The actual meringue whip worked well (see the pic for how they looked pre-oven), but they browned too quickly in our oven and went hollow. We also tried them in our airfryer, which was better, but still not quite right as it required 4 goes in the airfryer. They did taste good though! Why not give them a try at home and let us know how you went?

Experiment 4 – Using Aquafaba in place of eggs in the Magic Bean Cake

We felt like we had to test whether you can use aquafaba in place of whole eggs when cooking, so we thought we would use a cake that we know and love – the Magic Bean Cake. Alas, the end result was AWFUL. It was like lava, and it did not set at all. The binding component of an egg is in the yolk (the lecithin), and therefore this didn’t work.

Handy measurements: 

  • When replacing an egg white, use 45g of aquafaba.
  • There is approximately 180g of aquafaba in a standard can of chickpeas.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast… 

  • When you need to weigh something into a container rather than into the bowl, simply sit the container on the lid of the Thermomix, zero the scales and off you go!
  • When you make mayonnaise, consider stirring through some paprika, cayenne or herbs for a different flavour. Delicious with homemade potato chips!

Have you made anything with aquafaba? Leave us a note in the comments below! 

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