T4B088: Thermomix Cooking School with Alyce Alexandra

Dec 12, 2015

In Episode 88, Alyce Alexandra talks to us about her exclusive Thermomix cooking school, and the way she’s bringing her incredibly useful classes to the world through her new book “Recipes From Our Cooking School: Volume One”. Alyce has given us a copy of her beautiful book that you can win!

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The Alyce Alexandra cooking school runs over 18 different classes, and each class features 13-17 recipes! They have designed their classes for maximum enjoyment of their participants. Lots of yummy taste testing, seeing the creation process, but due to their excellent planning, you also get to see the final product too!

thermomix cooking school

The recipes we discussed in this podcast include:

Yoghurt Panna Cotta:
Make the yoghurt yourself, and then turn it into a delicious panna cotta.

Custard Tart: 
When working with pastry, you want to handle it as little as possible and keep it cold. The Thermomix really helps with that. Use really cold butter and cold water. You don’t want to overwork it, 30 seconds will be enough. If it looks like it is softening at all, put it back in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Salted Caramels and Mars Bar Cheesecake: 
A complicated recipe on the outset, but broken down you actually have three awesome techniques – salted caramel sauce, tempered chocolate and cheesecake! You can hear more about this delicious recipe in Episode 22 of our podcast. Get a copy of the recipe here.

Salmon Linguine:
Again, another recipe that may seem a little complicated, but actually teaches you how to cook pasta, how to steam salmon, how to steam vegetables and then how to combine them into a delicious dinner!

Mini Pavlovas: 
– Ok, here are the tips to help perfect the elusive pavlova…
– There can be no traces of fat / oil in the bowl. Fill with 500g warm water and a splash of white vinegar, then program 5 minutes 80C / Speed 4, butterfly in.
– Don’t touch the egg whites with your fingers.
– Don’t put the egg whites in plastic – clean glass only!
– Work with eggs at room temperature.
– Adding cream of tartar will help stiffen the egg whites by making them more acidic.
– Don’t over whip the egg whites. You’ll know if you have done this as they won’t gleam, they will look aerated and they will weep.
– Add sugar one teaspoon at a time, making sure it is fully incorporate before adding the next teaspoon. Patience is needed!

You can find out more about the Alyce Alexandra cooking school, including the amazing list of classes that you can drool over by clicking on the link.

Here is a cool tip from this podcast… 

  • When cooking fish and vegetables in the Varoma, wrap them in wet scrunched baking paper so that you can remove it easily, and keep the marinade close to the fish.

Want to win a copy of “Recipes from Our Cooking School: Volume One”?
Head on over to www.the4blades.com/win to enter by midnight, Thursday December 24 (AEST) – we will announce the winner on Christmas Day, as an extra special Christmas present!thermomix cooking school

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