T4B087: Thermomix Baileys Recipes

Nov 22, 2015

In Episode 87, we make homemade ‘Baileys Irish Cream’! Our testing revealed that making your own Baileys is easy, more affordable, more delicious AND more fun. Listen up to these yummy Thermomix Baileys recipes.

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Recipe 1Baileys Irish Cream (from ThermoFun)

Thermomix Baileys Irish Cream

We thought making our own Baileys Irish Cream was really fun! Not to mention easy, and much more cost effective! According to our results with a blind taste test, our testers COULD taste the difference… but actually preferred the taste of the homemade batch! The alcohol content is slightly lower (13% rather than 17%), and was $26.07 cheaper to make 2L than purchase the same amount. Please note, we accidentally omitted the 300mL of pure cream. The recipe testers felt that it didn’t need more cream so if we were to make it again, we probably would still omit the cream. We also haven’t experienced any separation of the liqueur, as the recipe suggests you might. We think this will make an excellent drink for when friends come for Christmas drinks! We didn’t feel that you needed to add milk to the homemade variety.

Recipe 2Baileys Irish Cream and Pistachio Fudge (from ThermoFun)

Baileys Fudge Thermomix

Oh boy, this is one of Thermofun’s awesome Thermomix Baileys recipes! This fudge has received rave reviews from everyone who has tried it. It is easy AND delicious… oh, and it looks good too, ticks all the boxes! What we discovered with this recipe:

  • We had to grate up the white chocolate in 500g lots rather than grating the whole 1kg of chocolate at once. We added 500g of white chocolate, grate Speed 9 / 10 seconds, add the remaining 500g of white chocolate and grate again Speed 9 / 10 seconds.
  • Use your spatula to aid the mixing of the pistachios through the fudge.
  • Christmas time? Consider stirring dried cranberries through for a red and green combo.

Recipe 3Baileys Truffles (from ThermoFun)

Baileys Truffles

Wow, these worked really well! We have tried making truffles before and they were an absolute mess. These were perfect. Jot these down as one of your ‘must make’ Thermomix Baileys recipes!

We only used 200g each of milk and dark chocolate (instead of 220g), simply due to the weight included in the package. It worked perfectly, no problems at all. The word on the street was that these just got better the next day!

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