T4B085: Thermomixing with Tenina

Nov 5, 2015

In Episode 85, we welcome Tenina back to the podcast! Wowsers has she been BUSY lately. We hear all about her Nifty But Thrifty book, get some GREAT kitchen tips and get a sneak peek into some upcoming projects.

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(By the way… apologies that this week we have had a little gremlin on board the audio so sometimes you can’t hear Bec. Ahhhh well… it’s good to give her a bit of a break, haha!)

Tenina’s awesome book “Nifty But Thrifty” ticks all the boxes. It’s family friendly and uses easy ingredients. There are speedy recipes, and includes recipes that suit a gluten free and low carb diet.  We are lucky enough to have a copy, and we think that you’ll love the recipes!

How good does Crio Chipotle Pulled Pork Salad and Parmesan Tacos sound? So good!
For a low carb option, the Beef Cottage Pie with Cauliflower Mash looks so yummy!

We asked Tenina what she would serve if she was having people over, and was on a budget. She told us that she loves the Chicken Spinach Pide and the Mini Cheesey Tuna Sweet Potato Skins – oh boy, these sound AMAZING!

Tenina is known for her desserts, so we were keen to hear about the desserts featured in Nifty But Thrifty. Tenina cited her favourite as being Easy Lemon Tart… even outranking chocolate! It must be good. For another yummy option, check out the the Fudge Chocolate Raspberry Brownies – made in 30 seconds, cooked in about 25 minutes. Delicious!

Here are some great tips we took from Tenina: 

  1. What is the best way to cook white fish? We were looking at the Charred Moroccan Fish Fillets and wanted to know! Tenina tells us that it depends on the thickness of the fish, but here is a good process: Start with a really really really hot griddle pan (this will also lend itself to a lovely smokey flavour!) Add the fish and drop the heat. Cook on each side quickly before it cooks all the way through, then transfer to a thermoserver to finish. What a great idea to avoid dry fish!
  2. A similar concept can also be employed to ensure your veggies are not overdone. Transfer par cooked beans and broccoli to the thermoserver until they are cooked to perfection!
  3. Tenina thinks that a good flan tin is a kitchen must. What makes a ‘good’ flan tin? It should be heavy, have a deep edge (about 2 inches), 25-26cm long with a removable base.

Tenina also has some (or many!) other projects at the moment:
Merry Christmix & Merry Christmix Too have been rephotographed and include new recipes. They are available as eBooks AND in print, and come with an online class on November 15!
The Convenient Vegetarian book can be preordered for the next run. The first run has been met with rave reviews.
– Tenina’s 2016 Calendar

With 2016 bringing the launch of her Insider Club, another foodie trip to Bali… and more to come!

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