T4B082: Bec’s Favourite Thermomix Recipes

Sep 10, 2015

Ever wonder which recipes we go back to time and time again? For Bec’s birthday she is going to share with you her favourite Thermomix recipes from the podcast and magazine so that you can enjoy them too! We are also including tips on any changes we make when cooking for a crowd (which we did for Bec’s birthday!)

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This week’s podcast has a bit of a different structure in that rather than going through three full recipes, Bec shares her favourite recipes, including those from past podcasts and magazines along with tips and tricks to make them when you have multiple items on the go at once!

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Potato Salad: ‘I Love Your Potato Salad’ Potato Salad from Nat’s Thermomixen in the Kitchen, featured in Episode 31 of the podcast.
– In all seriousness, whenever we make this people tell us how much they love it. It’s a good one for us as it can be made without dairy (or we use Pecorino instead of Parmesan).
– To speed this up, we cooked the bacon / spring onions on the stove whilst the potatoes were cooking.
– We had Seeded Mustard Mayo in the fridge which was used in The Picnic Issue of the magazine so we mixed that with balsamic vinegar instead of making more mayo.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Cake: Orange Almond Cake from Super Kitchen Machine, featured in Episode 18 of the podcast.
– This has been my birthday cake for 3 years in a row now! I love that it is gluten and dairy free, works well with xylitol AND it’s a crowd pleaser (not just if you need to be gluten / dairy free).
– For the first time this year I took the option of boiling the oranges on the stove in a snug-fitting pot. It worked very well, and freed up the Thermomix for other things.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Meal: Beef Madras from Skinnymixers, featured in Episode 57 of the podcast.
– This has completely omitted the need for Indian takeaway. It is completely delicious, and very easy. A real favourite.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Meal: Spice-Encrusted Rack of Lamb from The 4 Blades, The Winter Warmers Issue.
– This is SO tasty. We had some of the salt left over from last time and this time we just blitzed it up with mustard, olive oil and almonds. This saved time and was just as tasty. The crust is just delicious and the lamb is cooked to perfection.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Vegetable Side: Mashed Cauliflower from The 4 Blades, The Healthy New Year Issue.
– Usually we steam the cauliflower in the Thermomix and then blend up with some butter, salt and pepper on Speed 4. As the Thermomix was busy, we steamed the cauliflower in the microwave on this occasion. You can also add coconut milk, cream or cheese as you prefer. YUM. We served this with the Rack of Lamb Above.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Finger Foods: Kansas City Ribs from The 4 Blades, The Picnic Issue.
– These are steamed for an hour before being flame grilled on the BBQ and served with a Kansas City sauce which is an awesome blend of sweet, spicy and tangy. They are chopped up and are the perfect finger food for parties. Huge hit. We tried doing 2kg at once instead of 1kg… not as good.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Finger Foods: Brown Sugar Butter Wings from The 4 Blades, The Budget Issue and Low Carb Chicken Wings from The 4 Blades, The Picnic Issue.
– These are my favourite chicken wings, which are SO easy, so flavoursome and absolute crowd pleasers. They are busted out for our family functions and enjoyed by all. For my birthday we did the Brown Sugar Butter Wings but just did them in the oven without steaming… not as good.

Favourite Thermomix Recipes… Everyday Food: Green Chocolate Milkshake from The 4 Blades, The Healthy New Year Issue.
– 250g milk, 100g spinach, 80g ice, 10g cacao, 15g xylitol… 1 minute / Speed 10. Green Chocolate Milkshake. Boom. This has been a favourite for quite a while now! A chocolate fix with a dose of greens!

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Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– When steaming potato for potato salad be sure to stir the potatoes in the Varoma around so that they all cook through.
– We LOVE our meat thermometer. It takes the guess work out of preparing perfect meat.

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