T4B079: Thermomix Meatballs

Aug 6, 2015

These Thermomix meatballs are not only YUM but super quick to prepare. We had them on the table as a full meal in less than 45 minutes. We will definitely make each of these again!

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Steamed Rice Pork Balls (from Tenina)
Steamed Pork Meatball Thermomix
We featured these tasty little porcupines in The Steaming Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine and they are not only tasty, but they LOOK great and are SUPER easy to prepare. We filled up the jug and brought the water up to Varoma temperature whilst rolling the mince and coating with rice. We didn’t have time to soak the rice in cold water for 30 minutes so we soaked it in hot water for about 5 minutes. We didn’t have miso paste so we used coconut aminos. Joe made a dipping sauce of chopping up chilli in soy sauce. YUMMO.

Recipe 2Meatballs for Dinner (from My Melbourne Thermomix)
Meatballs Thermomix
Oh goodness GRACIOUS this meal is so so tasty and VERY easy to prepare. We used rice crumbs in lieu of making breadcrumbs and threw in some cauliflower florets which worked very well. We served these with thick rice noodles because that’s what we had, but pasta would work well.

Recipe 3Chicken & Veggie Balls with Rice (from Retro Mummy)
Chicken Meatball Thermomix
These were Polly’s favourite, haha! We only used about 300g of chicken, making our own mince from chicken breast (Speed 8 / 8 seconds). We decided to use the Varoma to steam some vegetables as well, and the rice cooks beneath. The rice is very flavoursome!

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– If you don’t have time to soak nuts / rice in cold water, try soaking them in hot or boiling water and allowing them to cool.
– Save old bread to make breadcrumbs quickly and easily (and cheaply!)

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