T4B076: Thermomix Thai Recipes

Jul 15, 2015

In Episode 76, we share three of our favourite Thai take away dishes made as Thermomix Thai recipes! You’ll love these homemade options!

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The recipes we chose this week are recipes that we would commonly order when getting Thai takeaway:

Recipe 1Massaman Beef Curry (from Skinnymixers)

Thermomix Massaman Beef Curry
Image used with permission from Skinnymixers, due to the less-than-fabulous-didn’t-do-it-justice photo that we took. 

Yummmm. This is so delicious! Within the recipe, the massaman curry paste is enough for you to make 4-5 curries out of it! We have made this twice and it is really very tasty. The second time we made it we used a much bigger piece of lemongrass. We preferred the less-lemongrass option, but it was still delicious. The second time we also added star anise as this is included at our local Thai restaurant. Delicious! We used 2-3cm cubes of beef for slow cooking.

Recipe 2Chicken Tom Ka Gai (from Super Kitchen Machine)

Thermomix Tom Ka Gai Soup
This is a soup-er delicious flavoursome soup that we think you are going to love! Some of the tweaks we made out of necessity include: we made our own garlic-chilli paste by simply grinding up a couple of cloves of garlic and chilli and we used ginger rather than galangal. We also added a bit of fish sauce at the end. So easy to make, and really delicious! Enjoy!

Recipe 3Quick Thermomix Pad Thai (from The 4 Blades)

Quick Thermomix Pad Thai
The original name that Bec came up with for this recipe was ‘Quick Un-Authentic Pad Thai’. Joe thought this was an awful idea. This recipe is quick, makes a lot and is very budget-friendly. It’s un-authentic in that we don’t use sugar and we chop the vegetables up rather than leaving them in matchstick form.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– by roasting garlic cloves in their skins you can create the most deliciously mellow garlic flavour which is perfect for curries and dips
– to remove the skins of roasted garlic cloves, use a sharp knife to slice the flat part of the garlic away and then slice up the length of the clove into the skin, and remove.
– we sterilise our jars by rinsing a clean jar in water and then sit it on a piece of towelling paper in the microwave for 1 minute. We pour boiling water over the lid.

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