T4B075: Chia Pudding Thermomix Recipes

Jun 19, 2015

Looking for some chia pudding Thermomix recipes? Or maybe you’re NOT looking, but you’ll be like Joe and discover you like chia pudding once you’ve tried it! We include three variations of the popular snack for you to try.

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Almond Chia Pudding (from the Recipe Community, contributed by Nikalene from Skinnymixers)

Almond Chia Pudding Thermomix

This was really the inspiration for putting a podcast together on this theme… Joe finally found a breakfast that he liked that didn’t include bacon or sausages! This is a simple tasty treat.
After cooking this pudding as per the recipe instructions, we added 60g frozen raspberries and combined 3 minutes / 70C / Reverse+Stirring Speed.
To add a delicious ‘crunch factor’ to the pudding, we chopped up an apple and a handful of nuts on Speed 6 / 1 second to sprinkle on top.

Chopped Apple Thermomix

Recipe 2Choc Chia Pudding (from Nat Kringoudis – featured in The Breakfast Issue of the mag)

Choc Chia Pudding Thermomix
This delicious choc-flavoured pudding is a tasty treat that travels too!

30g / 2 Tbsp chia seeds
1-2 tsp cacao powder
2 tsp sweetener of choice (rice malt syrup / xylitol / coconut sugar)
1/2 tsp mesquite powder (optional)
1/2 tsp maca powder (optional)
200g liquid of choice (water / milk of choice)
Banana, to top the pudding
Make sure none of the ingredients are sitting ON the blades – all chia seeds should be immersed in water.

Program 5 minutes / 70C / Reverse+Speed 2.
Top with chopped banana.

Recipe 3Apple Spice Chia Pudding (from Changing Habits)

Apple Spice Chia Pudding Thermomix
This is quite delicious little pudding that has a different flavour profile than the others. A lovely mix of apple and spices, with sweetness from fresh dates. We will make this again, but probably with only 2 dates next time, as it was quite sweet.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– Want to hear more about chia seeds? You can listen up to Episode 15: The Chia Seed Pantry Basics Episode
– Allspice is actually a single ground spice, not a combination of spices (aka ‘mixed spice’)
– You can buy black or white chia seeds. We tend to go for white, so that it’s not as obvious when using a bulking / gelling agent in gluten free pizza bases.
– Maca powder is like ginseng and can be used for balancing hormones.
– Mesquite powder can be used for balancing blood sugar levels.
– Pop leftover chia pudding in a jar for a snack or breakfast on the run.
– When you reheat chia pudding you may wish to add a little hot water.
– Chopping an apple with a handful of nuts on Speed 6 / 1 second is a great crunchy topping for chia puddings.

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