T4B074: Thermomix Winter Recipes

Jun 7, 2015

In Episode 74, we share three of our favourite Thermomix winter recipes from the most recent issue of the magazine, The Winter Warmers Issue.

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Golden Syrup Dumplings (shared on The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer)

Thermomix Golden Syrup Dumplings
We brought Peta on board for this episode to share one of her favourite recipes that she had created for The Winter Warmers Issue of the mag – Golden Syrup Dumplings. This is an easy recipe that makes for an impressive dessert. The dumplings are light and delicious. We have seen the photographic evidence on social media that this recipe is already becoming a loved family favourite, so give it a go!

Recipe 2Minced Lamb Curry (from The Annoyed Thyroid)

Thermomix Lamb Curry
Along with lots of recipes that are exclusive to the magazine, we also bring some fabulous contributors on board to share their fabulous recipes (we know they are fab because we test them!) that also suit the theme. This is one of those recipes. It is made using basic ingredients you will likely have at home, and you can have it on the table quick smart. Highly recommended.

Recipe 3Choose Your Own Adventure Hot Chocolate (from The 4 Blades Magazine)

Thermomix Hot Chocolate
Inspired by Alexx Stuart’s Choose Your Own Adventure cakes featured in Episode 73 of the podcast, we created a Choose Your Own Adventure Hot Chocolate. Use your favourite flavours and preferred milk to create a tailor-made hot chocolate. A lot of variations have already been tried… a traditional hot chocolate (cow’s milk + milk chocolate), a paleo hot chocolate (coconut milk and VERY dark chocolate), an adult hot chocolate (like a traditional but with a nip of Kahlua / Bailey’s), a Tim Tam hot chocolate (cow’s milk + Tim Tam’s). What will you come up with?

The steps are (serves 2):
– Add 50g of your preferred chocolate to the bowl. Grate Speed 7 / 7 seconds. Scrape down sides if necessary.
– Add 400g of your preferred milk to the bowl (along with vanilla extract or other flavours you may enjoy – optional). Program 4 minutes / 80C / Speed 4.
– Sit simmering basket on the lid of the mixer and froth Speed 7 / 20 seconds.
Serve and enjoy!

By the way… there is actually a whole SECTION of the magazine devoted to Hot Chocolate… we think you’re going to love it!
Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– Join in the fun with other mag readers in The 4 Blades Magazine Facebook Group. You just need to request to join and email your magazine receipt to facebook@the4blades.com
– Be sure to try the Choose Your Own Adventure Cakes featured in Episode 73 that Bec and Peta are raving about!
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