T4B073: New Mum Hamper Ideas

May 22, 2015

In Episode 73, we share our new Mum hamper ideas. The gift of food in the early days of having a baby is so welcomed. We share with you some of our favourite dishes to put in the hamper, along with some new ones that we have featured in this episode.

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We were so blessed to be showered with meals when Polly was born and boy oh boy did it help in those early days. We’ve had quite a few new babies in our life lately so when we saw a great post from Alexx Stuart on Facebook about sharing food ideas for new Mums, we were inspired to put together a collection of good food – with some recipes from Alexx herself.

If you don’t know Alexx, she is a passionate advocate for the low tox life and for making it delicious and inspiring rather than dull and deprivational. She’s a mum, speaker, e course guru and best selling author who says “Don’t feel guilty about what you didn’t kow yesterday. Feel excited about the change you’ll make today”. We really encourage you to start following her because we love what she does and what she stands for. Here is Alexx’s Real Food Manifesto (which can be purchased as a PDF download here). We love it.


We put the recipes featured below, along with some of our favourites (the Mother Lode of Bolognese and the pesto from Green Eggs and Ham and Good Food Balls – both from The Breakfast Issue of our mag) into a food hamper.


We also included a note to share what the food was, what was in it, and when it was made. You can take a look at it here.

Thermomix Food Hamper

Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Super Simple Salmon Cakes (from Alexx Stuart)

Salmon Fritters ThermomixEasy to make and a good combo of protein and fat that can be eaten with one hand. Eat cold, or heat up.
Here’s how we made ours:
1. Grate 2 zucchini on Speed 6 / 1 second. Drain with the help of a tea towel or a sieve.
2. Chop coriander, onion and garlic on Speed 7 / 1 second.
3. Add 2x 415g cans of salmon (drained), 2 Tbsp coconut flour, 2 eggs, salt and drained zucchini and combine on Speed 5 until you reach your desired consistency.
4. Form into patties and roll in coconut flour before shallow frying in coconut oil, and transferring to a low oven while you finish cooking.

Recipe 2Choose Your Own Adventure Cakes (from Alexx Stuart)

Gluten Free MuffinsOh boy. These were a HUGE win for us and we know we will make them time and again. Alexx gives a base recipe, which you can make additions to. We reduced the rice malt syrup by half and added in a banana and an apple (cored / quartered but not peeled). They were perfect. As you can see, we made them as mini-cakes.
Here’s how we made ours:
1. Ground up 80g buckwheat by programming 1 minute / Speed 10.
2. Added 80g butter, 3 egg, 75g rice malt syrup, 25g coconut flour, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp baking powder, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 1 banana and 1 apple.
3. Combined on Speed 5 / 10 seconds.
That’s it!
We then spooned into muffin pans and cooked in a 170C oven for about 12 minutes.

Recipe 3Thermomix Lactation Cookies or Thermomix Boobie Bikkies (from Belly Belly)

Thermomix Lactation CookiesThe brewer’s yeast, linseeds and oats in these babies are said to be good for helping to increase milk supply. We got a text from our friend we took these to and she felt they worked within 24 hours! We have converted the recipe from the Belly Belly website.
Here’s how we made ours:
1. Add 15g linseeds to the bowl. Grind Speed 10 / 30 seconds. Set aside in a small bowl and add 2 Tbsp water.
2. Add 100g coconut oil, 110g brown sugar, 1 egg, 1 Tbsp vanilla extract and the linseed mix to the bowl. Combine Speed 4 / 20 seconds.
3. Add 150g plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp salt and 2 Tbsp brewer’s yeast. Combine Speed 5 / 6 seconds.
4. Add 140g rolled oats. Combine Reverse+Speed 4 / 6 seconds.
5. Roll into disks, put on a baking tray and cook in a 170C oven for 10-15 minutes (to your desired biscuit texture).

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– Put together a collection of food items for the families welcoming new bubs to help keep them fed while they look after their little one.
– Include a list of ingredients in case they are avoiding any particular foods (nursing Mums sometimes trial eliminating foods if their babies seem upset).
– Date the food so they know when to freeze by if they haven’t eaten it straight away.
– Typically brewer’s yeast is not gluten free.

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