T4B070: Thermomix ANZAC Slice

Apr 25, 2015

Bringing Episode 70 to you was, in fact, a comedy of errors, but we got there in the end! What you will hear is ‘Take 2’. Take 1 was highly civilised, and was our FIRST podcast with a third person in the room… Peta, co-owner and developer of The 4 Blades Magazine. Alas, after a failed recording of Take 1… in Take 2 we have Joe in Sydney, a sick Peta, neighbours mowing and babies wanting attention… haha, not really selling it, are we? Listen up for ways we are making the magazine more usable and some great ANZAC recipes.

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Can you believe that after 6 full issues of the magazine and 2 bonus issues, we hadn’t actually met Peta in the flesh yet? The amazing technology age makes it happen! We were able to discuss all of the awesome ways we can continue to improve the magazine as time goes on.

Dinner with Peta, Joe and Bec

Dinner with Peta, Joe and Bec


To start with, we have implemented these two features…

– The 4 Blades Magazine Facebook Group. If you’ve purchased an issue of the magazine, or are a subscriber, email your receipt through to facebook@the4blades.com and request to join the group on Facebook. We will then approve you and you can start joining in the conversation to help you get the most out of your magazine purchase.

Printable Recipe Checklists. For each issue you can now download a printable PDF checklist of all the recipes featured so you can print it off, put it on the fridge and cook your way through the issue each and every month! You can find these in the Facebook group AND on the webpage for the issue.

As it’s ANZAC Day, we have also reminded you about the 4 great recipes we featured in last year’s ANZAC podcast (Episode 44), and brought you this new favourite of Joe’s…

Recipe 1Thermomix ANZAC Slice with Golden Icing (from The Annoyed Thyroid)

thermomix anzac recipe

It is safe to say that Joe really liked this recipe and that he thoroughly tested it for you all! This slice tastes just like an ANZAC biscuit, but with golden syrup icing. The icing was very sweet, due to the fact we used a square tin instead of a rectangular tin but didn’t reduce the icing quantity accordingly. Highly recommended for an ANZAC day recipe with a twist.

Recipe 2Chewy Caramel Tim Tam Cheesecake (from TRTLMT)

thermomix tim tam cheesecake
Looking for something else in the Australian theme? How about a delicious Tim Tam Cheesecake?! This is one of Peta’s favourite recipes and comes highly recommended from her TRTLMT community.

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