T4B065: Varoma Thermomix Recipes

Mar 5, 2015

In Episode 65, we talk about some of the awesome things you can achieve with your Varoma! We walk you through three simple Varoma Thermomix Recipes and give you some great hints and tips to get the most out of your steamer. We’ve just released Issue 05 of the mag which is all about steaming. It has 45 awesome recipes in it – certainly enough to give you some great steaming inspiration! Here are 3 of the recipes we feature…

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Country Thai Soup with Steamed Buns (from The 4 Blades)
Soup Feature image.001
Did you know you can cook soup in the Thermomix whilst steaming bread in the Varoma? Genius! We’re particularly proud of this recipe as the buns are gluten free (and delicious!) This recipe was featured in the mag, but we wanted to give you a taster of this great Varoma Thermomix recipe. PS. Listen up for a ridiculous conversation between Bec and Joe about how this soup got it’s name.

Recipe 2Fresh Rice Noodles (from Tenina)
Rice Noodle Feature Image.001
s far as Varoma Thermomix recipes go, this is a pretty cool one. You can actually make your own fresh rice noodles! Ha! Who would have thought? In the podcast we talk through the way to make these as easily as possible (as they can be a bit fiddly… learn from our mistakes!)

Recipe 3Spiced Mixed Fruits (from The 4 Blades)
Spiced Mixed Fruits.001
hese fruits are super simple to make, yet super super yummy. And the ingredients are just fruit, the juice of one orange and some ground cinnamon… not a bad dessert at all!

Note: We updated our Vegetable Curry with Prawns recipe to improve it to be used in Issue 05 of the magazine.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– To sift flours, set to ‘Closed Lid’ and do three quick Turbo blasts.
– A great tool for your Varoma cooking is to use wet baking paper that has been scrunched up and flattened out again. We utilised this for the Rice Noodles and the Spiced Mixed Fruits
– If you are going to be steaming something that could stick (like gluten free buns!), use a quick spray of oil over the tray.

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