T4B060: Thermomix Egg Yolk Recipes

Dec 19, 2014

In Episode 60, we bring you some great (yet simple!) ideas for utilising any egg yolks you have leftover after making egg white creations (like pavlova!) Thermomix egg yolk recipes, made easy!

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After trying to bring you an amazing subscriber-only bonus magazine about pavlova (note: our results weren’t consistent enough to bring you a no-fail pavlova recipe so the testing must continue – only the best for our subscribers!)… we had a lot of egg yolks left and needed some Thermomix egg yolk recipes.

Some standard Thermomix egg yolk recipes are:
– aioli
– lemon butter
– ice cream

Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Egg Nog Fudge (from Tenina)
Photo 18-12-2014 8 22 10 pm

Super easy and a great end result, this is an awesome Thermomix egg yolk recipe. Only 5 ingredients (white chocolate, condensed milk, one egg yolk, nutmeg and vanilla)! This fudge sets well and cuts easily. For best results with cutting leave in the fridge overnight so that it is set very firmly. Joe really loved the taste and texture of this fudge!

Photo 18-12-2014 8 23 16 pm

Note: this is how our lined tin looked before pouring the fudge in:
Photo 15-12-2014 1 44 01 pm


Recipe 2Creme Brûlée in minutes! (from The Thermo Queen)
Photo 18-12-2014 8 46 11 pm
This is a very simple recipe, from the UK. The original recipe calls for 400mL. Because containers of double cream in Australia tend to come in 300mL containers, here’s the conversions for either 300mL or 600mL:

Using 300mL:
300mL cream
40g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
6 egg yolks
9 mins / 90 deg / Speed 3
Makes 4 dessert serves

Using 600mL:
600mL cream
75g sugar
1.5 tsp vanilla extract
12 egg yolks
11 mins / 90 deg / Speed 3
Makes 8-10 small serves

We hadn’t gotten our kitchen blowtorch to work by the time we recorded the podcast, but since then we have sorted it out and it created a much better result – a crackable top to the creme brûlée! Also, we found that raw sugar worked better than brown sugar.

Photo 18-12-2014 7 33 11 pm

The custard isn’t thick, so if you like a thicker custard add some cornflour.

Recipe 3Vanilla Slice with Passionfruit Icing (from Anne-Marie on the Recipe Community)
Photo 18-12-2014 8 53 55 pm

We were excited to make this recipe as it was so easy, yet the end result was great! The recipe was very easy to follow, and Joe thought that the end result was better than that in a bakery! We forgot the step of adding the butter, but Joe didn’t think it made any difference to the end result. We used canned passionfruit pulp instead of real passionfruit (that’s what we had in the cupboard!), and mixed 7 tsp of passionfruit juice with the sugar and 1 tsp of passionfruit seeds. Joe thought it was a bit tart (but it didn’t stop him going back for more!)

Photo 18-12-2014 8 54 46 pmPhoto 18-12-2014 8 55 45 pm

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– Check out this webpage for more ideas for how to use your leftover egg yolks.
– Consider grinding your own nutmeg for sensationally fresh flavour and scent.
– You can freeze egg yolks with a pinch of salt in ice cube trays.
– When cutting something like vanilla slice, be sure to have a sharp knife and some towelling paper to wipe it between cuts.
– To get the seeds out of a vanilla bean, try this:

– Wondering what Bec and Joe were giggling at? Check out this video:

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