T4B058: Divine Thermomix Desserts

Nov 21, 2014

In Episode 58, we bring you three divine Thermomix desserts – perfect for summer!

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Chocolate Berry Hazelnut Torte (from The 4 Blades, adapted from recipe by Cecily Paterson)
Chocolate Hazelnut Berry Torte
his is one of our all-time favourite Thermomix desserts. Perfect for a hot day when served COLD. Not the easiest recipe, but certainly worth the trouble! Gluten and dairy free to boot!

Recipe 2Lemon Pound Cake (from The 4 Blades)
Lemon Pound Cake Thermomix
his is a simple afternoon tea cake with a lovely zesty flavour. Can be served with lemon icing, butter or even plain with a cup of tea. This utilises some of the egg yolks set aside from the Hazelnut Torte.

Recipe 3Chocolate Gingerbread Pie (from Clever Cook)
Chocolate Gingerbread Pie
Oh sweet pie, this is SO good. A favourite Thermomix dessert… Bec, not a huge fan of dessert, became obsessed with this recipe! She had to give it away so she wouldn’t eat the whole thing! The fresh ginger in the pie base really adds something wonderful. For those wondering, we used 20g as the ‘knob’ of ginger. Officially, a ‘knob’ of ginger is one of the arms on a piece of ginger root. We didn’t have any agar agar, so substituted this with a sachet of gelatine powder. Next time we will probably add a bit more gelatine as it set well, but could have been a TOUCH firmer. Wow, that flavour though… so yum! And no one would know it was gluten and dairy free! A real winner. PS. We couldn’t find Ginger Liqueur, so used a teaspoon of ground ginger as a substitute. Also, we had more filling than we needed, so we made little puddings in ramekins… yum!

Chocolate Gingerbread Pudding Thermomix

Photo 21-11-2014 9 13 14 am

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– If you are going to activate your nuts, be SURE they are truly dry otherwise you will find them covered in mould on a hot day. Not good.

– When creaming butter and sugar follow the following steps:
1. Add sugar, Speed 9 / 15 seconds.
2. Add butter, Speed 8 / 5 seconds.
3. Add butterfly, 2 minutes / Speed 2-3.

– Agar agar is a vegetarian gelatine.

This is a great resource for knowing what to do with leftover egg yolks!

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