T4B055: Healthy Afternoon Thermomix Snacks

Oct 9, 2014

In Episode 55, we give you some great options for healthy afternoon Thermomix snacks. We catered for some friends in the time between a wedding ceremony and reception and wanted some easy Thermomix snacks that would fill us up in a healthy way. Here is what we came up with!

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Firstly, we introduce you to the newest member of our family… our Philips AirFryer. We got it for $199 from Target. We are loving using this appliance for making sweet potato chips without frying, quickly roasting pumpkin, toasting nuts, baking fish, baking arancini balls, making chicken nuggets and much more, without using a lot of bad fats.

Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Gluten Free Almond Crackers (from Tenina)

Gluten Free Almond Crackers Thermomix

These delicious crackers are easy to make and are made on whole food ingredients. Super Kitchen Machine also has a version of these crackers – slightly more rustic in appearance. You’ll love these as easy and healthy Thermomix snacks!

We rolled them out and then used a pizza cutter to cut the dough into triangles. Watch them carefully in the oven so that they don’t go from perfect to burnt.

Gluten Free Crackers Thermomix

Recipe 2
Roasted Pumpkin, Garlic & Sage Soup (from Tenina)

Roasted Pumpkin Soup ThermomixAfter quickly roasting the pumpkin to perfection in the air fryer, this soup was ready in only 10 minutes! We used coconut cream in lieu of dairy cream. A perfect option for a quick and healthy Thermomix snack!

We talked about how great Tenina’s recipes are… even though we have never used Umami paste! We really must make it a priority. We’d love to hear how many of you use the Umami paste and how you use it.

Recipe 3Macadamia and Olive Dip (from Tenina)

Macadamia Olive Dip

This is our new favourite dip! We gave the macadamias a toast in the AirFryer and then put all the ingredients in the Thermomix for 6 seconds… that’s it! Done! Awesomely delicious Thermomix snack ready in seconds. Of course, you can easily use roasted macadamias (bought that way) or toast them in the oven. We think you’ll really love this dip!

Macadamias AirFryer

Recipe 4Besan Flat Breads (from A Chook Woman)

Photo 9-10-2014 5 32 30 pm Photo 9-10-2014 5 31 22 pm

Looking for a healthy gluten free savoury flat bread? We cooked these on the toasted sandwich maker so they were the texture of a crepe and rolled beautifully. We served them with the guacamole. You can find the recipe in your EDC.

Don’t forget to enter the competition running over in the show notes of Episode 54 if you want to WIN a copy of Tenina’s Souper Bowl (closing midnight October 13).

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