In Episode 53, Bec shares her favourite birthday cakes that she made to celebrate her 30th birthday. These are some old favourite cake recipes that are now her best Thermomix cake recipes… made So. Much. Easier.

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Bec’s Best Thermomix Carrot Cake (The 4 Blades)

Thermomix Carrot Cake
Bec has been making this carrot cake recipe for YEARS and it would always take her hours to do as she would grate all the carrot by hand. It has her favourite elements of a carrot cake – carrot, pineapple, walnuts and cinnamon. It has been made so much easier and will hopefully be one of your favourite Thermomix cake recipes from now on! Enjoy – Bec’s birthday present to you! You can find the recipe for the frosting recipe we talk about here. Note: we added 1-2 tsp of the crushed pineapple and used lemon zest instead of orange zest… oh, and Nuttelex instead of butter so it was completely dairy free.

Recipe 2Flourless Citrus Chocolate Cake (thanks Nigella!) (converted by The 4 Blades)
Thermomix Citrus Chocolate Cake

This is an absolutely gorgeous cake, converted for the Thermomix from Nigella’s ‘Chocolate Lime Cake’. You can get creative and use whichever citrus fruit you like. The original recipe requires you to beat the eggs and sugar until it triples in size… made SO much easier by setting the TM for 10 minutes and coming back when the job is done!Not having to do that manually makes this a great Thermomix cake recipe! Because of the meringue-like texture that the egg / sugar combo creates, you have to follow the baking steps to avoid the top burning. It will crack a bit at the top, but that’s OK. Serve it upside down, sprinkled with icing sugar.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
When creating an accompaniment to a dish (e.g. frosting for a cake, or a side dish for a main), consider using the flavours that are already in the dish. Joe gives the example of using the spices from the Beef Stroganoff in the cabbage side dish.

– Using springform pans are the easiest way to quickly line a cake tin. Put a sheet of baking paper over the bottom of the tin and click the side into place. Trim the edges and grease the sides.

– Looking for that other cake that Bec loves? It’s right here… a delicious Orange Almond Cake!

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