T4B051: Thermomix Apple Pie Goodness

Sep 4, 2014

In Episode 51, we bring you some yummy winter comfort food – Thermomix Apple Pie and Thermomix Apple Crumble, with custard, of course!

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1The Easiest and Best Shortcrust Pastry (from Why is There Air?)Easy Thermomix Pastry

Follow the link above to the inspiration for the Lattice-top Thermomix Apple Pie… which will give you the greatest, easiest pastry for your pie. Note: when we recorded the podcast Joe had not yet TRIED the pie… Bec really wishes that he had as he LOVED it. We discussed if it needed to be blind-baked… it really didn’t. It was perfect as it was.

Recipe 2Thermomix Apple Pie (from Why is There Air?)
Photo 4-09-2014 5 51 55 pm (HDR)
The Thermomix Apple Pie that you see above was created in about 30 minutes (and baked for about 50 minutes). So easy in the Thermomix. Follow the links for Madame Thermomix’s recipe, but here are the steps that we took.

1. Made the amazing pastry.
2. Used Madame Thermomix’s trick of filling your pie tin with apples to ascertain how many apples to use.
Photo 25-08-2014 5 01 34 pm (HDR)
3. We added 25g butter, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 Tbsp brown sugar & juice from half a lemon to the TM bowl. We then set for 2 mins / 60 degrees / Speed 2. You can stop it once the temperature has been reached / butter is melted.
4. We added our peeled / quartered / cored apples to the Thermomix and used the ‘choppy bits’ salad making tips: Speed 4 until the right consistency has been reached (4-6 seconds).
5. We then poured these perfectly coated apple pieces into the pie base.
6. Next up we rolled out the pastry for the top and used a pizza roller to cut into lines and interlaced them as per Madame Thermomix’s instructions.
7. We then used a pastry brush and brushed the pastry with the remnants of the butter / lemon juice / sugar mix from the TM bowl (you don’t need much).
8. Bake at 190 degrees for 50 minutes – keep an eye on it to check it doesn’t burn / need longer.
Photo 4-09-2014 5 54 27 pm (HDR)
This recipe was SO easy and yet impressive… it turned out so very well. As you will hear in the podcast, Joe was a bit concerned about the bottom being mushy… alas, it was before he had eaten it and it was actually PERFECT… hooray!

Recipe 3 – Thermomix Apple Crumble (from a variety of sources!)
Thermomix Apple Crumble

Thermomix Apple Crumble is a super simple recipe that you can whip up in no time… perfect winter comfort food!
We used this recipe from Thermomix Recipes, which is very similar to this recipe from My Melbourne Thermomix (but with a berry variation). We found that we only used about half of the crumble mixture for the size of dish that we used. We also substituted out the oats and put in flaked almonds to make it gluten free.

We mentioned that with the addition of flour in the above recipes the crust can be quite dry (which may be perfect for you!) Here is an example of a crust without flour, in this recipe from Thermomix Delights.

Recipe 4Vanilla Bean Custard (from Thermomazing)
We didn’t actually have any vanilla bean paste so our ‘workaround’ of this recipe was to snip a vanilla bean into 4 bits (using scissors) and blitzing on Speed 9 for 10 seconds, along with adding a little vanilla extract. It made quite a thick custard (as you can see in the photo above!) and was enjoyed!

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– Flaked almonds can be a good gluten free substitute for rolled oats, in regards to texture.
– When making an apple pie, you can guesstimate the number of apples used by fitting them in your pan you intend to use FIRST.
– If you’re trying to make straight lines with pastry, try a pizza roller.

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