T4B045: Best Thermomix Pancake Recipes

May 8, 2014

In Episode 45, we sought out the best Thermomix pancake recipes we could find, just in time for Mother’s Day. The twist on this week’s episode is that we decided to make these delicious recipes gluten and dairy free… not by using fancy ingredients but by simply substituting store-bought ingredients:
– GF self raising flour for self raising flour (or use plain flour + 2tsp baking powder per cup of flour)
– Rice milk for dairy milk
– Macademia oil for butter

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1‘Hot Puffy Pancakes, Maccas Style’ (from ThermoDreaming)

Thermomix Pancakes
If you are looking for the traditional breakfast pancakes in a a delicious fluffy stack… look no further. These are truly yum. We substituted the sugar for xylitol as well as the substitutions mentioned in the intro. We used a normal pan and greased with a bit of macadamia oil. The mixture was quite thick, so we used a pancake pen.

Pancake pen

This is definitely not required… it was just to get them to spread out evenly without using the spatula. We flipped them over, and then gave them a little press with the back of the flip.

Thermomix Pancakes
Recipe 2‘Pear Pancakes’ (from ThermOMG)

Pear Pancakes Thermomix
This conversion from a Jamie Oliver recipe is a great way to have sugar-free pancakes. We did a good dollop of the batter (it was quite thick when made GF) and spread it out with a Super Spatula.

Photo 5-05-2014 17 17 49 Photo 5-05-2014 17 23 22

They were lovely and flexible, and were good reheated 2 days later!
Recipe 3‘Cinnamon Scroll Pancakes’ (from The Road to Loving My Thermomix)

Cinnamon Scroll Pancakes
These are the fanciest ones of the bunch… and absolutely delicious. We are sure you’ll have more luck than us at getting the ‘swirl’ right… but the great news, a good looking swirl or not, they are just so yummy. Just remember that you are looking for a nice thick sauce (not a thick paste, as Bec thought). We used about 100g of macadamia oil to the recommended amount of sugar / cinnamon.

Swirl made from a 'thick paste'

Swirl made from a ‘thick paste’

Swirl made from a 'thick sauce'

Swirl made from a ‘thick sauce’


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