T4B043: Thermomix Dairy Free Easter Ideas

Apr 18, 2014

In Episode 43, we set out to bring you some great Easter ideas… and ended up bringing you some great dairy free Easter ideas, specifically! Those of you that aren’t dairy-free will also love some of the tips and ideas shared in this episode.

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Chocolate Easter Egg Nests (from The Road to Loving my Thermomix)

Dairy Free Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Bec liked the look of these so much (they reminded her of something she used to make with Changs Noodles when she was younger) that she tried making them dairy free… and had a huge success! Note: the original recipe from Peta of The Road to Loving my Thermomix uses normal chocolate… so if you can have dairy, follow the link to make these yummy treats!)

We made Quirky Cooking’s Raw Dairy Free Chocolate and set aside 100g to use (this made about 6 nests)… put the rest in the freezer to set. Note: the sweetener we used was 65g of xylitol, ground up first on Speed 9 / 1 minute. We have found this to have a better consistency than using the rice malt syrup.

While cooking the chocolate, we put 40g of coconut on a baking tray into a cold oven set to 200 degrees celsius for 7 minutes. Keep your nose out for fragrant coconut and pull out of the oven early if necessary.

We added the 40g toasted coconut to the 100g of dairy free chocolate (halving the original recipe) but felt it was a bit too wet, so added 40g of non-toasted coconut as well. Reverse+Speed 3 until well combined.

We spooned into a silicon muffin tray then used the back of a spoon to create into nests. It took awhile to ‘set’, but once it did they were absolutely perfect. SUCH a winning recipe!

Obviously, if you are dairy-free, the gorgeous little egg-like treats featured in this recipe won’t really work… here are some options:

  1. Raw eggs (see pictured), that you can then cook for breakfast on Easter morning.
  2. Cherry tomatoes, grapes, blueberries or other little egg-sized natural treat.
  3. A fun craft option from when Bec was a kid…
  • Draw on a raw egg with crayon.
  • In a coffee cup or similar sized container add 20 drops of food colouring, 1 Tbsp vinegar and 1/2 cup of room temperature water. Leave it in as long as you like depending on the colour you want.
  • Dry it off on towelling paper.
  • Prick a hole in both ends (use a thumb tack and jiggle it around a bit), then blow the inside out. You can then keep your decorative egg!

Recipe 2Dairy Free Raw ‘Creme Eggs’ (from The 4 Blades)

Dairy Free Creme Eggs Easter

We hope you enjoy this whole food, yummy dairy free Easter recipe! While not as milky and runny as the traditional Cadbury Creme Eggs… our dairy free friends will love them! Very coconutty. Check out the recipe for lots of photos.

Recipe 3Toddler Fudge (from Thermo’delish)

Dairy Free Thermomix Chocolate

We thought that this ‘Toddler Fudge’ would be a good option, using commonly found ingredients from home… full of good healthy fats. We used rice malt syrup to make it fructose free. See the tips at the end of this post regarding finding chocolate moulds to use.

We added the nuts (80g each of almonds / macadamias / coconut) and chopped on Speed 6 / 2 seconds.

We then added 230g coconut oil and 150g rice malt syrup (in lieu of honey). 30 seconds / Reverse+Speed 5.

Spoon into moulds and freeze.

Photo 14-04-2014 18 25 14

Once set, wrap in foil.

Photo 18-04-2014 11 44 44

Recipe 4Easter Bunny Playdough Carrots (from ThermoFun)


Play Dough is made SO easily in the Thermomix. There is a recipe in the Every Day Cookbook. We absolutely loved this idea on the Thermofun Website! Great to make Easter not all about chocolate!

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

  • You can get creative with chocolate making (normal dairy-filled chocolate) with any moulds you like… Speed 7 / 7 seconds, Speed 2, 50 degrees until all melted.
  • You can source all sorts of chocolate moulds from kitchenware stores, sewing / craft stores and $2 stores.
  • We wrapped up the chocolates in normal kitchen foil, chopped into squares.


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