T4B040: Thermomix Rice Dishes

Mar 25, 2014

In Episode 40, we got creative with some Thermomix rice dishes, especially those that can be used as a side dish (apologies in advance for the plethora of ‘side’ jokes that Joe brings to the table in this episode)…

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Red Rice Quinoa Salad with Pistachios and Mint (from Tenina)

Quinoa Red Rice Salad Thermomix

This is a salad with a zing! Tenina has brought something very special to the table here. We had this with grilled salmon and due to the beautiful flavour of the salad, the salmon needed no seasonings at all. We didn’t have any dried apricots, so instead we used a handful of currants. A couple of tips:

1. Wash your quinoa in a fine mesh sieve before cooking (it will be less bitter)

Photo 24-03-2014 16 24 26


2. While the rice / quinoa is cooking, prepare  the pistachios, shallots, dried fruit and mint.

Photo 24-03-2014 16 43 27


3. If you don’t have a microplane or other zester, you can just peel the lemons / orange and add that to the step of making the dressing (10 seconds / Speed 10).

Photo 24-03-2014 16 47 49


4. This is a good way to juice the fruit into the Thermomix easily and without seeds:

Photo 24-03-2014 16 58 07


5. If you’re not a pepper fan, you may want to reduce the pepper from 1 Tbsp to 1 tsp. It is delicious exactly as Tenina has recommended (as always), but just be aware that it has a strong pepper flavour so if you don’t like pepper, tone it back.


Recipe 2Thermomix ‘Fried’ Rice (Quirky Cooking)

Quirky Fried Rice Thermomix

Oh, this Thermomix rice dish is such a winner for an everyday quick meal that you can make as fancy or plain as you like. Not to mention versatile. We barely had any of the vegetables that Quirky Jo lists in the recipe… but we just added in what we had in the fridge. Also, LOVED the taste of the rice after being cooked in coconut milk. Next time, we will also add a tablespoon of TM Stock Paste to the water / coconut milk, to add another dimension to the flavour.

Absolutely loved the ‘all-in-one’ nature of this dish, as well as the ‘cook as you go’ factor. The rice is cooking and you’re still adding ingredients. That worked perfectly for us. We used white rice, prawns (from frozen) and any veggies that we had in the fridge.

Photo 24-03-2014 17 48 40


Recipe 3 – Cauliflower Pilaf (The 4 Blades)

Cauliflower Pilaf Thermomix

Using Super Kitchen Machine’s great idea of making ‘Mock Rice’ with cauliflower, we have made a rice-alternative side dish… cauliflower pilaf! With yummy dried fruit and nuts throughout, we have had this as a side dish to salmon and lamb shanks and it was really quite tasty on both occasions!

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

1. Did you know you can be cooking rice in the Thermoserver while you have dinner cooking in the Thermomix? This great tip came from Forum Thermomix.

Add 480g of boiling water to 250g of white rice (and salt, to taste). Varoma / 5 mins / Speed 1, then pour the rice and any liquid into the Thermoserver. Put the lid on and come back 25 minutes later to your rice ready to go!

2. If you don’t want to eat rice due to the carbohydrate content, try ‘mock rice’… cauliflower done in rice-sized kernels and steamed like rice. A great alternative! Thanks to Super Kitchen Machine for this!

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