T4B035: Thermomix Quick Breakfast Ideas

Feb 4, 2014

In Episode 35, we bring you some creative Thermomix quick breakfast ideas to get you out the door with a full tummy in the morning.

Bec LOVES breakfast (and would eat breakfast all day if she could) and Joe is on the other end of the spectrum and really doesn’t enjoy breakfast unless it’s in the form of a cooked breakfast and served after 10am. So listen up to these Thermomix quick breakfast  recipes we’re bringing you (and hear Bec and Joe’s different taste buds come into play!)

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1 – CADA
Just when we thought everyone with a Thermomix knew what CADA was and weren’t going to include it in this week’s podcast, Bec’s Dad dropped by and had no idea what CADA was. So, here it is!

A handful of Coconut, a handful of Almonds, a handful of Dates and an Apple in quarters.
Turbo x3 and you’re done.

If you want to read more about CADA, pop on over to Super Kitchen Machine.

You can also read about the alterations our Facebook community makes to their morning CADA here.

Recipe 2Choco Crunch (from Thermomama)

Choco Crunch Thermomix Breakfast

Fleur AKA Thermomama seems to be the queen of quick, healthy breakfasts. She has great ideas on her Instagram feed and Facebook page.

For this recipe we combined 1 green apple (quartered / cored), 50g macadamias (or cashews), 20g pepitas, 5g chia, 5g linseeds & 1 tsp cacao. Blitz on Turbo 3 times and eat as is, or serve with milk (we trialled coconut and cow’s) and berries. Bec trialled this and has gone back for thirds and fourths during the week, and this ranked as one of Joe’s favourites. It’s quite bitter-sweet and filling.

Recipe 3SuperFood Quickie Brekkie (from Tenina)

Superfood Quickie Brekkie ThermomixSuperfood Quickie Brekkie Thermomix

This recipe comes from Tenina’s “What’s for Breakfast?” eBook and is Tenina’s tweaked version of CADA. We used one of ours and Tenina’s favourite super foods – Crio Bru. We used a frozen banana in this recipe (along with all the other delicious ingredients including mango, brazil nuts, coconut cream and more!) so the end result was more like a dessert than a breakfast. A delicious superfood dessert for breakfast! What more could you want? Despite not loving bananas, this was one of Bec’s favourites!

Tenina has given us a copy of her eBook and a pack of CrioBru to giveaway this week! Read below for details.

Tenina eBook

Recipe 4
Almond Porridge (from Tenina)

Almond Porridge with Raspberry

Almond Porridge with Raspberry



Almond Porridge with Blueberries

Almond Porridge with Blueberries

This is Bec’s new favourite breakfast. The original recipe (which you can find in the “What’s for Breakfast?” eBook) calls for maple syrup or honey but because Bec is avoiding refined sugars she used frozen blueberries instead. Yum! We also tried it with raspberries but it was a little too tart for our tastebuds. Still nice… but better with the blueberries. While the recipe takes longer to cook, it is easily done in the Thermomix so you can spend 30 seconds setting it up and come back in 13-16 minutes after you’ve had your shower etc and breakfast is ready!
Recipe 5Cheat Oats (from Thermomama)
*apologies! Our photo of this went missing, but there you can see an image of it by clicking the link!

This is a really simple recipe – a few quick turbo blasts of apple, oats and milk, then leave the mixture to sit for 15 minutes (another great ‘jump in the shower’ recipe). A great porridge option for summer. The quantities we used were 85g apple / 20g oats / 80g milk. Bec’s sister Annie had almond milk and she commented that she really liked it. She said it was light but filling. A delicious summer porridge. She loved the little apple highlights in the oats. She had it with CoYo for breakfast. Joe  had his with cow’s milk and didn’t like this one because of the texture (room temperature oats).

Recipe 6Honey Nut Granola (from The Road to Loving My Thermomix)

Honey Nut Granola ThermomixHoney Nut Granola Thermomix

Peta from The Road to Loving My Thermomix is a self-confessed Granola junkie. You can find great variations of it on her website. While it’s not a quick breakfast when it comes to making and eating at the same time, it is something you can make ahead of time so that it’s a quick breakfast on the go. You’ll have lots in the cupboard as we halved the recipe and made 830g! Because we halved the recipe we were able to use the Thermomix for spreading the honey / oil mixture over the nuts / oats (rather than using our hands or a spoon in a bowl). We put it on Reverse+Speed 4 until it was all coated. We have quite a hot oven and we cooked 2 trays of it for two lots of 10 minutes (stirring the mixture all around after 10 minutes). We then added the coconut and turned the heat off but left the trays in the oven until cool (a tip we learnt from Tenina’s eBook). Joe loved this recipe. It was his favourite breakfast.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

  • If your bananas are beyond eating, peel them and store them in a ziplock bag in the freezer. They make for great ice-cream in the Thermomix (frozen) or perfect banana bread (thawed).
  • Have a listen to our Smoothie episode for on-the-go Thermomix breakfast ideas.


Tenina has given us her “What’s for Breakfast?” eBook and a 340g pack of Crio Bru to give away to one lucky listener.

To win – leave a comment below telling us what your favourite breakfast to make in the Thermomix is, and which flavour of Crio Bru you’d like to win.

A winner will be picked at random. Entries close on Sunday, February 16 at 11:59pm.

Good luck!


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