T4B018: Thermomix Orange & Almond Cakes AND the world’s best hot chocolate for Bec’s Birthday!!

Sep 9, 2013

In Episode 18 of The 4 Blades podcast, we celebrated Bec’s birthday with the fruit of the season (for Australia!) – oranges!

Recipe 1 – Quick Orange & Almond Cake

This cake was super easy and very quick. We followed the steps by adding ingredients with each step – without taking out the ingredients and setting aside along the way. It led to a moist, dense cake, without big chunks of orange rind.

Recipe 2 – Orange Buttercream Frosting, thanks to Cafe Disarray

Wow. This icing was so easy to make, and absolutely delicious. We made the icing sugar, so did that first, then added the orange zest as instructed. We also added a tablespoon of cacao at the last step, to make it a ‘jaffa’ icing. Yum. Sorry we ate it so fast that there aren’t any photos!

So we forgot to take a photo of the cake... it's the thing in the middle with the candles on it :)

So we forgot to take a photo of the cake… it’s the thing in the middle with the candles on it 🙂

Recipe 3 – Amazing Almond-Orange Cake, thanks to Super Kitchen Machine

This recipe calls for 45 minutes of boiling the whole orange so it’s not a ‘quick’ recipe like the other – but it’s worth the wait! Also, it’s a great gluten-free and dairy-free option (no butter in this one!) for a cake. We used xylitol instead of normal sugar, and it worked well. The finished product is a lot chunkier than the other – which is how Bec likes it!

Amazing Almond-Orange Cake - thanks Helene!

Amazing Almond-Orange Cake – thanks Helene!

Note: When you take the boiled oranges out, you need to chop them into bits to let them cool slightly before adding them into the TM to chop.

photo 4

Recipe 4 – Creamy Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free), thanks to Quirky Jo

Wow. This is the best, thickest, most delicious hot chocolate Bec has had since embarking on a dairy free journey. So. Good! In keeping with the theme, we added some orange zest to the beginning, and gave it a blitz. We then followed the recipe (we didn’t add maple syrup and it was definitely sweet enough) and by the end – no chunks of orange!

photo 2

In other news, check out Alyce Alexandra’s new book ‘Quick Fix: Every Occasion’. Our copy arrived this week and it is BEAUTIFUL! We’re looking forward to interviewing her later this month.

photo 3