T4B Mag BONUS TherMOJO Kickstarter

Feb 1, 2016

Lost your therMOJO?

We LOVE our subscribers and every now and then we LOVE surprising you with a bonus mini-mag issue. You can find these in our app marked with a ‘Private’ banner.

BON004 Kickstarter Cover iPad frameThis time we’ve put together a 7 day kickstarter to help you get back your therMOJO… you know, that loving feeling for your thermo mixer! We’re also shining a spotlight on some of our amazing contributors, giving you the opportunity to cook your way through some of the best thermomix recipes on the web.

You may not believe this, but if you feel like you aren’t using your thermo mixer enough, you aren’t alone.

We often get emails from people feeling as though they should be using their thermo mixer MORE. That they aren’t using their machine to the best of its ability. That they are lacking kitchen confidence. That they are in a bit of a rut. Whatever the case for you, it’s okay.

The kickstarter will give you the opportunity to get to know some of our contributors. We have been SO lucky to have amazing contributors share their recipes with us. The addition of their recipes, which we try and test for you, adds such a broad scope to the magazine. Their contributions help us create the well balanced mags that you have come to know and love.

We asked our contributors to share a favourite recipe that has been popular with their communities. We then tried it, tested it and brought it here to be shared with you. So completing this kickstarter will not only allow you to try new recipes, but also a number of different cooking styles, and trying different techniques.

As this is a special subscriber-only bonus issue, it is here and available for you to use at any time. You might want to jump right in and work your way through it this week. Or perhaps you can just remember that it’s here for when you might feel in a bit of a rut.

Whatever the case, we are committed to helping you make the best use out of your thermo mixer. We so strongly believe that great moments happen over food, and that being in the kitchen should be fun. We hope that this kickstarter will give you the little kick you need (if you need it!).

In seven days you will use your thermo mixer for 9 different recipes. They have all been tried, tested and formatted for the mag.

Featuring great recipes from:

As with every issue, you can expect easy-to-follow recipe layouts, great pictures, dietary information made simple and navigating around the magazine is a breeze.

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