T4B Mag BONUS Healthy Drinks Issue

Mar 1, 2017

10 Deliciously Healthy Drinks, Exclusive for T4B Mag Subscribers!

We get so excited when we bring out a new bonus for our subscribers! With the release of this bonus, there are now 8 bonus issues available for subscribers within the app, totalling over 100 recipes!

That means that if you are subscribing for the first time you can immediately access over 100 recipes, without even downloading the actual issues that you signed up for! We aim to be the most value-packed thermo mixer resource that you can find. We hope we are achieving that aim!

In this special Healthy Drinks bonus issue you will find 10 exclusive healthy drink recipes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We encourage you to try each one and see if you can find a new favourite in here. Each of the recipes has been tested by our fabulous team of testers across the globe, so we know that they are the goods.

To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

Here are the recipes featured in this bonus issue:

Banana Bread Breakfast Smoothie
Blueberry Bang
Caramel Apple Smoothie
Choc Mint Smoothie
Coconut Cinnamon Tea
Healthy Hot Chocolate
Pine Orange Juice
Powerhouse Slushie
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Ruby Cleanse Smoothie

To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

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