T4B Mag BONUS Best of the Blogs 2016

Jan 1, 2017

Here are some of our favourites from 2016!

As many of you know, The 4 Blades Magazine began as a collaboration between Peta from TRTLMT and Bec and Joe from The 4 Blades. Aside from the 12 magazine issues we put out in 2016 (+ 3 subscriber only bonus issues!), we also kept our own blogs updated. And boy oh boy, there are some great recipes there, if you don’t mind us saying!

In fact, in 2016 alone, there were 95 new recipes posted across the TRTLMT and T4B blogs! So, as a little bonus, we wanted to bring 12 of our favourites to the magazine. One for each month of the year.

If you are someone that finds it difficult to try new recipes in your mixer, why not commit to trying each of these recipes over the course of 2017. They have been tried and tested by The 4 Blades Magazine recipe testing team with rave reviews, so chances are good that you and your family will enjoy them as well.


To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

Here are the recipes featured in this binus issue:

2 Ingredient Mousse
Apple Cinnamon Pikelets
Appletana Balls
Carrot, Cucumber, Mint and Pineapple Smoothie
Cheese, Onion and Bacon Dip
Chicken and Vegetable Ravioli with Light Cheese Sauce
Fiddle-De-Dee Potatoes
Grain Free Doughnuts
Mini Cordon Bleu Balls
Red Pesto Tuna Spaghetti
Spinach and Feta Grain Free Pancakes
White Chocolate Macadamia Slice

To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

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