T4B 015: Thermomix Pantry Basics – Chia Seeds: Gluten Free Pizza Dough, Quinoa Loaf & Pudding

Aug 6, 2013

In Episode 15 of The 4 Blades podcast, we continue our Thermomix Pantry Essentials series with a look at chia seeds.

Chia seeds are…

  • Great to have in the cupboard, and last for ages. Unlike linseeds, they don’t go rancid, and don’t need to be ground to ‘unleash’ their goodness
  • Like linseeds, they can be used as a thickener, and an egg replacement, and are a source of Omega-3
  • We bought them from a whole foods store (Helene’s), for HALF the cost per kilo than a health food store.

Recipe 1 – Vegie Head’s Vegan Quinoa & Vegetable Loaf

Vegan Quinoa & Vegetable Loaf

Vegan Quinoa & Vegetable Loaf


Note: due to the saponin (soap molecule) in the outer layer of quinoa, take the time to give it a good rinse, or leave it to soak overnight.

To cook quinoa in the Thermomix, follow the same directions as rice. Put the rinsed quinoa in the basket, fill the Thermomix bowl with 900g of water. Set Varoma, Speed 4, 13-16 minutes. Once finished, allow to drain / cool.

Thermomix adaptation of the Vegie Head recipe:

2 tbsp chia seeds in 1/4 cup of water (check out the gel it forms!)

Chia Gel

Chia Gel


Add to the TM bowl (and give 4 turbo blasts):
210g zucchini
90g broccoli
90g capsicum
1 bunch of parsley
half bunch of basil
10g nutritional yeast
salt / pepper

Vegies after 4 Turbo Blasts

Vegies after 4 Turbo Blasts

Add cooked / cooled quinoa (we had 330g cooked) and chia seed gel. Reverse + Speed 4, 5 seconds.

All Mixed Together

All Mixed Together

Push into a lined loaf tin and cook as per Vegie Head’s instructions.

Pushed into a Loaf Tin... ready to go!

Pushed into a Loaf Tin… ready to go!

Suggestions: add some pepitas for a bit of crunch. Try using some TM vege concentrate stock or more salt.


Recipe 2 – Quirky Jo’s Gluten Free Pizza Base

Pizza on the stone

Pizza on the stone

This recipe is a favourite in The 4 Blades household. Very easy to prepare!

For the Thermomix preparation we follow Quirky Jo’s instructions, but for the cooking we use a pizza stone in the hottest oven you can muster.

You can pour the pizza dough (it’s the consistency of thick cake batter) onto the HOT pizza stone, and spread it out with a Super Spatula.

Pour batter straight onto HOT pizza stone

Pour batter straight onto HOT pizza stone

Once you get the size and thickness that you want, add your topping.

Adding the topping

Adding the topping

We usually just do pizza bianca (garlic, rosemary & olive oil), but this time we did a Lamb Ragu topping. Delicious!

Keep an eye on it, as it doesn’t take very long to cook.

It goes from this…

From this...

From this…

To this, in no time!

To this!

To this!

We have made Jo’s GF pizza base with AND without the chia gel and believe us… much better with!


Joe's Favourite Dinner!

Joe’s Favourite Dinner!


Recipe 3 – Tenina’s Triple C Breakfast Pudding

Tenina's Triple C Pudding

Tenina’s Triple C Pudding

Bec LOVED this recipe!!! It was a great way to use up leftover Crio Bru grounds. The wet grounds equal about twice the weight of the dry ones.

We also trialled Rice Malt Syrup in lieu of maple syrup as Bec is sensitive to fructose. It worked well, gram for gram as a substitute.

Meanwhile… Bec accidentally put in one whole teaspoon of salt, instead of a pinch. Bec still loved it, WAY too salty for Joe.

Looking for another dessert? Chia seeds also played an important role in Dairy-Free Choc Nut Ice-Cream


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This is our first episode in August, so it’s time to promote MTR (My Thermie Rules)’s cook-a-long for this month… Spiced Moroccan Tomato & Red Lentil Soup. Page 78 of the old EDC, page 82 of the new EDC.